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Letters, April 1

Don’t complain

There’s been a lot of talk recently about socialism, about how terrible it is.

So I would like to pose a question to those people who abhor socialism and are over 65 years old. Would you please turn in your Social Security and Medicare cards?

If socialism is horrible, then why aren’t you paying for your own retirement and medical bills? That isn’t your money covering those costs, that’s everybody’s money, and society has opted to pay large benefits to some groups, like seniors, that presumably benefits society as a whole. That’s socialism.

If you’re at the trough, don’t complain.

Anthony J. Pippel


Why stop at 16?

So Amira Tripp Folsom thinks the voting age should be lowered to 16 because “The changes being made to our future should be decided by those actually impacted.”

In that case, what’s so special about 16? Younger people will have to live even longer with those decisions, so why not lower the voting age to 14? Heck, why not 10?

Or take it to the other extreme, since senior citizens presumably won’t be around that much longer, why should they be allowed to vote? Maybe their voting rights should be taken away when they begin to accept Medicare or Social Security. Apparently they no longer teach logic in high schools.

Tim Bolling


Endorsing Starchvick

I retired last June after 27 years teaching full time in the Medford School District. I endured the strike and the animosity with the School Board that led to it.

Karen Starchvick, an incumbent board member — elected after the strike — is a breath of fresh air. Her daughter was in a club for which I was the faculty adviser.

Karen listens. She understands what is wonderful about our public system and what we still need to work on. As board chair she applied for and received a Chalkboard grant for board governance and equity, and used it for the training of the entire board. She volunteers for the Medford Schools Foundation.

I wholeheartedly endorse Karen’s re-election to the Medford School Board. She is intelligent, capable and committed to the students of the Rogue Valley. We need exactly that on our School Board.

Georgia Hilton


You’ve been had

When Hillary lost the election, Democrat super-donors felt lied to and were unwilling to donate more. This resulted in the DNC holding out the false hope to liberals that Trump could be impeached and that Trump stole the election through Russian collusion.

The DNC did this primarily to con liberals into donating money for what the DNC knew could never happen, but they did it because they needed the liberals’ money. Now that the Mueller report found no basis for impeachment, obstruction or collusion, liberals ought to be feeling pretty gullible — because they are!

College educated? Maybe, but they never learned world history, because if they had they’d know socialism never works for long. Bernie Sanders sells them socialism, but Bernie owns three homes, and Bolshevik Bernie hasn’t donated even one of them to a needy family. What does that tell you?

Unfortunately, lying to constituents to get money or votes is not against the law, and Democrats are flagrant liars to the point they are eating their own and many fell for their lies. Again.

Black and Jewish voters are finally starting to get it. When will liberals see the light?

You’ve been had, Baby!

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

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