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Letters, April 3

Volunteer today

Volunteerism — it’s a win/win endeavor! You receive back what you put in!

Many seniors have the wherewithal (time and transportation) to become volunteers, and to make a positive impact on the social fabric of the Rogue Valley.

Volunteering helps seniors stay active, engaged and vibrant in our community. Health wise, volunteerism has definite benefits for the senior physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Make new friends, and retain a sense of accomplishment from a day spent helping others.

A plethora of opportunities exists in Medford and the valley. Through RSVP (the Retired Senior Volunteer Program, at 541-857-7780), your hours are recorded, and even a small reimbursement can be earned for mileage.

There’s no reason to feel alone, bored or useless when volunteerism abolishes these negative feelings. The giving of yourself — your time, your energy, your talents and skills — is a wonderful way to enhance your life and, of course, the lives of others!

So, get up and get going! What are you waiting for? Take the first step and volunteer today!

You’ll be glad you did as you experience a new world of reaching out to others and of being “of service” to our community.

Jacqueline S. Glynn


Picture this

Picture this: An industry that the U.S. government protects from liability so they can’t be sued for a defective product, and so will not do needed research to find defects.

Picture this: An industry that has little need to advertise, because the media and many private and public entities insist that everyone must buy this product.

Picture this: Nearly every politician and medical professional and most of the public believe that this product has saved the world from deadly diseases. They don’t know that such diseases had greatly diminished before this product was in use.

Suppose this industry and its allies might ignore defects, exaggerate benefits and demonize opponents?

They do.

Ira Edwards


HB 3063 unavoidably unsafe

The Legislature appears fixated on mandating vaccinations for all children regardless if a parent has exercised the Nuremberg Code ethical principle fundamental to all medical procedures of informed consent and declined this medical procedure capable of causing injuries and death to their “healthy” children.

Vaccinations are categorized as “unavoidably unsafe” because in “the present state of human knowledge, are quite incapable of being made safe for their intended and ordinary use.” This was the language used by Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sotomayor in their dissenting opinion in Bruesewitz v. Wyeth. In the media’s anti-vax utterly false narrative, RBG would be branded anti-vax and the justice’s well-reasoned opinion, Rep. Adam Schiff would call “vaccination misinformation” that should be censored.

God help us when legislators force children to walk through what can be a vaccination minefield for vulnerable children, to attend school. Oregon parents do vaccinate, not by force; in consultation with their doctor. The authority of state cannot override a parent’s conscience about how to raise healthy children. We are in trouble when the state mandates products from an industry known for its greed having been fined over $38 billion over 27 years for its criminal and fraudulent behavior.

Michael Framson


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