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Letters, April 4

Find a better way

Kudos to C. Geddis of Talent for his letter on the proposed new jail. I agree 100 percent with his idea of a Sheriff Joe Arpaio model jail. I also agree with the idea of using the marijuana sales-tax dollars going toward this proposal.

I will not support another county tax increase for this proposal. It seems like the homeowners of this county/state are tasked with the burden of supporting many of the services of the county/state while the other half receives food assistance, housing assistance and free medical care.

I am a responsible senior working a meager paying job and a homeowner who pays my high property taxes, medical insurance and car insurance, etc.

How many $1.09 per $1,000 assessed value proposals are homeowners expected to pay to support the county services that everyone uses? They add up very quickly!

A better way will need to be found to fund this proposal.

Jody Glud


What a relief

What a relief: Trump isn’t the agent of a hostile foreign power after all; he’s just so hostile and clueless that he acts like one. For example, right after falsely claiming “Complete and Total EXONERATION,” he proudly announced yet another attempt at depriving millions of their health care.

Trump disparages minorities, demonizes opponents and denies science. Republicans love it and made him their leader. Now he’s our molester-in-chief and instead of groping women, he’s groping the flag. As he said, “When you’re a star, they let you do it.”

One recent weekend he spewed no less than 50 deranged tweets. They were his usual insults and lies plus gratuitous attacks against the deceased war hero and statesman John McCain. It’s historic: a so-called president with nothing better to do during an alleged national emergency than broadcast to the world how unhinged he is.

Trump is a scam artist who committed fraud through his phony charity and university. He surrounds himself with fellow crooks (six associates indicted so far). Democrats need to focus on the election and promote their alternative to his moral bankruptcy so we can dump Trump and begin the task of restoring America’s basic human decency. MAGA!

Michael Steely


Land of the free?

In reference to front-page stories on Tuesday, March 27:

Border wall: Trump’s emergency declaration survives as House vote falls short and the article on a school in Creston, Iowa, that boasts of a “state of the art” school system with a command center to monitor nearly 200 cameras. They also plan to buy mobile metal detectors to be set up at football games, a shooter alert system that can sense when a gunshot goes off in one of the three schools and notifies police, a “panic button” system and a new entry system.

It appears that we may end up with concertina wire around our borders and schools that look like prisons. So much for the land of the free!

Mary Ellen O’Toole


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