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Letters, April 7

We need affordable housing

Affordable Housing: I don’t want to beat a dead horse, but unless you are personally affected you can’t understand the depth of the problem.

I have a close relative, born and raised in Medford, who is now 58 years old. He works full time at minimum wage ($10.75) and has a gross weekly pay of $430. His gross yearly pay is $22,360.

After taxes, his take-home pay is of course significantly less.That amount is without any missed work and no vacation days.

The maximum yearly income allowed for a single person to qualify for HUD housing is $20,640. He doesn’t qualify. Finding a non-subsidized housing opportunity that he can afford in this area is impossible unless you want to rent a couch in a house that’s been turned into a boarding house by the owner in order to maximize rental income. Don’t believe me, check Craigslist.

I understand that a new jail will be needed in the future as Medford and Jackson County expand. But there is a need right now for more truly affordable housing that will allow working people an opportunity to live a decent life off of the street.

Trudy Staak


Make them buy scholarships

Rather than send people to jail and waste taxpayers money, why not have them purchase full -ear scholarships to various universities for qualified students? Let the judge set the amount or the number of scholarships they would have to buy. Hopefully they would target students that have the greatest need.

C.K. Gates


Oppose vaccine bill

We care about healthy children in Oregon. We care about medical freedom for health choices.

If you are concerned about medical freedom, the freedom to make medical or health choices for yourself and your family, you are against HB 3063. I believe medical decision-making must be made in the privacy of a doctor’s office, with informed consent of the patient or patient’s parents.

There are scientific reasons that many doctors are concerned about the CDC’s schedule of vaccines. Over 90 percent of Oregonians do vaccinate their children, but may want to start later than directly after birth, or may want more time in between the vaccines. Some may want some vaccines and not others.

Not all people are alike. Not all children are alike, and people have different sensitivities and different needs. A one-size-fits-all approach mandated by government agencies (who have a conflict of interest) doesn’t make sense and goes against basic religious freedoms and human rights. Families and doctors should have the right to assess a patient’s needs and prescribe accordingly.

Mandating medical procedures is unethical and violates our human rights. Please, educate yourself and let your senators know immediately that you oppose HB 3063, before it’s too late.

S. Rose


Hide the keys

America’s CEO loves bankruptcies. Let me count the (six) ways.

1991 — Taj Mahal Casino.

1992— Castle Hotel and Casino, Plaza Casino and Plaza Hotel. A noteworthy trifecta, indeed.

2004 — Hotel and Casino Resorts.

2009 — Entertainment Resorts.

Number Seven? Trump Fort Knox Casino and Sports Book.

Someone, anyone, please hide the keys to the vault before it enters Chapter 11.

T.Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

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