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Letters, April 9

HB 3063 takes away choice

I believe in vaccinations, but I also believe taking away parent choice and a child’s ability to get an education is wrong. HB 3063 will do just that. If a student doesn’t have all vaccines required and every booster they would be banned from public, private, charter schools, daycare in a school, a church that meets in a school, or a sporting event held at a school!

As a school administrator, I know that all schools have procedures in place if there is an outbreak to keep unvaccinated and under-vaccinated kids from coming. I always hear it isn’t fair to medically fragile kids. There are other options, like have a few schools that require full vaccinations in every city. Parents could choose to send their kids there if they’re medically fragile or just want that school. Freedom to choose what they want for their child without taking away education.

The list of required vaccinations is ever-growing. If this passes (which it looks like it will), there would never be a vaccination the government required that a parent could oppose for their child if they wanted a free, public education. Education is too important to hold it hostage.

Oppose HB 3063.

Sheryl Zimmerer, executive director

Logos Public Charter School

A few questions

I’m responding to right-wing complaints that we liberals should accept the fact that Trump won, and “get over it,” rather than express concern over the handling of the Mueller report by Attorney General Barr. While I understand that some of the more staunchly conservative voters would no sooner change their minds about us than the guy on the Garrison’s TV commercial might possibly show us a piece of his furniture, I’d like to pose to them a few rhetorical questions:

Why did they condemn Obama throughout his eight-year presidency, calling him names such as “Lyin’ African,” and continue to support Trump’s “birther” campaign? An erstwhile Facebook friend even posted a picture of her Chihuahua relieving itself on a picture of Obama one day, to the delight of her conservative friends. When I complained to her, I was met with enough profane insults to cause Alex Jones to shake his head in disbelief. And let’s not forget the woman in West Virginia who eventually hosed herself with a despicable racial slur about Michelle Obama. (Go look it up. I refuse to quote her.)

Does this not constitute the very name-calling and whining they accuse us of?

L.J. Zinkand


Thanks to Ionescu and team

I want to thank Sabrina Ionescu individually, and all of her fellow college athletes who over the years have inspired me to focus my emotional energy on intercollegiate sports rather than professional sports.

The pros are certainly great at what they do and fun to watch, but I believe that playing for emotional goals is intrinsically superior to playing for money and much more fun to watch. Sabrina is all heart, and her decision to forego the WNBA draft and play one more year for UO is beyond admirable. Thanks to her again, and on to “... unfinished business.” Go Ducks!

Brian Matuse


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