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Letters, April 12

Police response appropriate

My girlfriend and I were leaving a performance in downtown Ashland Wednesday night when we came across a man who had been assaulted. We offered assistance, but he mumbled unintelligibly and then continued down the street. We called 911 and within three blocks an Ashland police officer was on scene. He approached the man calmly and professionally, and managed to get the man to sit down. My friend and I retraced our steps and returned to the car. When we drove by the scene again, other personnel had arrived, and were providing first aid, right there on the street.

From the dispatcher, who urged me to keep myself safe, to the rapid response and calm, professional demeanor of the tall-drink-of-water Ashland police officer (I didn’t get his name), I couldn’t have scripted a more appropriate encounter to this dazed and confused man who was unable to care for himself. They exemplified protect and serve.

Cindy Harper


Myths and misinformation

Almost every day now I see a letter in Mail Tribune from some “intelligent,” “well-read,” “educated” person objecting to Oregon’s attempt to strengthen our vaccination laws. How anyone could be all these things and yet perpetuate the dangerous myths and misinformation being spread by the anti-vaccination industry is beyond me.

It’s a matter of “education,” they claim. Well, there’s plenty of education available about vaccines, and not a shred of evidence that they cause autism. It’s a matter of “freedom,” they say. Hey, feel free to home-school your unvaccinated children — Oregon offers plenty of support for you to do that.

It’s a matter of listening to “both sides,” they say. In fact, there’s only one side here. A high vaccination rate is critical to preventing the spread of dangerous diseases that cause serious illness, disability and even death.

I hope this letter encourages other sensible people to speak out. We cannot, as a nation or a world, allow 150 years of medical advances to be wiped away by a misguided (at best) and fraudulent (at worst) campaign to discredit the benefits of vaccination.

Grover Gardner


Vote for Starchvick

Inform yourself about the candidates running for the Medford School Board. Once again I will vote for Karen Starchvick.

In her first year on the board she drove the establishment of a District Wellness Committee, which included input from students, teachers, administrators and community members to focus on improving nutrition for our students while strengthening connections with community partners like Oregon State Extension and Farm to School programs. In today’s polarized political climate, Karen’s ability to bring people together for the improvement of our local community is just what we need.

Please vote for Karen Starchvick for Medford School Board.

Kellie Hill


Jail time voters

Bernie Sanders’ thinking is beyond reasoning. He thinks, if a person did not have enough sense to tell the difference between right and wrong, he now has enough sense to vote.

If jail time makes you smarter, maybe we should give a few politicians some time in the short-stay unit, such as him and AOC.

Bob Casebier


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