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Letters, April 17


A letter in Sunday’s paper incorrectly stated that Jackson County Commissioners Bob Strosser and Colleen Roberts had accepted campaign donations from the Jordan Cove project.

Hate speech marred parade

I’m very upset about the blatant hate speech in this otherwise wonderful community event.

During both the parade and the street fair, the Rogue Valley Saltshakers promoted homophobia via their signs. These signs included hate speech like “Our Lies, Hate, Theft, Greed, Lust, Porn, Fornication, LGBTQ, Abortion, and All Other Sin Earn Death and Hell”. Allowing these hate mongers to participate in the Pear Blossom makes this festival unsafe for many of our community members.

I call on the Pear Blossom organizers to ban this group from participating in the event again. This group was recently banned from parades sponsored by the Ashland Chamber of Commerce for the same reason, and it was shortsighted and thoughtless to allow them in the Pear Blossom this year. Continuing to allow this would make Medford look like a hateful community, which it normally isn’t, and implies that the Pear Blossom supports these harmful ideas.

Nick Rementeria


Wildflower show canceled

That’s disappointing news about the closing of the Ashland Community Center on Winburn Way. Regretfully, the annual Fourth of July Wildflower Show will have to be canceled. There is just no suitable alternative site. Hopefully, the Siskiyou Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon’s Wildflower Show will be back in the Ashland Community Center on July 4, 2020.

Speaking of wildflower shows, there are many in our state to visit. The premier wildflower show in the Pacific Northwest is in Glide on April 27 and 28. The Shady Cove Wildflower Show is May 4 and 5. Silver Falls State Park will celebrate its 41st Annual Birding and Wildflower Festival on May 11 and 12. The Mt. Pisgah Arboretum in Lane County will celebrate its Wildflower and Music Festival on May 19.

Also in May, the Cheahmill Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Oregon has a wildflower show in McMinnville. And, on July 6, the High Desert Chapter does the Central Oregon Wildflower Show at the Sunriver Nature Center. The Native Plant Society of Oregon is dedicated to the enjoyment, conservation and study of Oregon’s native plants and habitats.

Dave Garcia, Siskiyou Chapter president


Republic will endure

It’s time to rethink the current national political scene. Forget politics left and right and focus on realities. This president is ill, obviously. This reality exceeds the fictitious portrayals seen in books and movies.

I’ve come to this conclusion through personal experience with dementia, which is prevalent in my family. Two of my four grandparents, three of my seven aunts and my older brother all suffered from this terrible disease. President Trump presents obvious dementia symptoms.

Trump and his supporters attack factual information knowing that acknowledging facts leaves them with no standing for their positions, a last refuge of all cults. Supporting Trump’s divergence from reality makes a person a cult member.

Republicans using their temporary power to advance their agenda will pay in the long run. Short-term gains lead to long-term legislative remedies, think Watergate. This morally bankrupt Republican Party ignores the wrongdoing of this administration.

This test is for our republic; the republic will endure and rise above the damage being done on a daily basis, and history will record for all time this shameful administration and the folks who supported it.

Jim Akins


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