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Letters, April 23

Evil has a lot of money

I moved to Trail years ago to raise my family in a natural environment. But for over a decade, Southern Oregon has been under assault with misleading information about the Pacific Connector/Jordan Cove Gas Pipeline.

This is a foreign company using eminent domain to seize American citizens’ property so they can export Canadian gas to China. This would raise the cost in our country. We get none of this gas! We get a 3-foot diamenter, high-pressure, highly combustible gas pipe going under every waterway between Klamath Falls and Coos Bay — 234 miles.

Property values along this pipeline will decline immensely. How would you like to live near this potentionally explosive pipeline? Trail will have a jet engine running 24 hours a day to pump this gas over the mountains. Will they give us ear plugs? Or compensation? No. I’m outraged by the audacity of this Canadian company.

I expect our state and federal elected offficials to get off the fence and get with the overwhelming majority of Oregon citizens who are extremely against this proposed project.

Special thanks to our county commisioners and Rogue Climate for their opposition.

Nina Stills


We must stop burning carbon

LNG, coal and oil threaten to reset Earth’s geological clock with a vengeance. Today’s natural carbon cycle is not like the carbon sequestering process of the Carboniferous Period that ended 300 million years ago.

Huge carbon-rich forests flourished, but microbes that could ingest lignin and cellulose — key wood-eaters — had yet to evolve. As a result, when the trees died nothing would eat them and the carbon remained in situ to form peat and ultimately coal. Anaerobically, under pressure and heat, geological processes transformed coal into oil and natural (more properly labeled methane) gas. In short, trees would die and not decompose, resulting in greenhouse gases being geologically sequestered.

Today trees die and bacteria breaks carbon bonds releasing carbon and oxygen into the air whether the trees rot on the ground or are burned in a stove. Burning fossil fuels accentuates this process, threatening to trigger a Permian- to Triassic-like transition. The oceans absorb carbon compounds, increasing acidification which threaten to exacerbate this climate change process.

We need to stop burning coal, oil and methane that release geologically sequestered greenhouse gases. We will not do well in the resilient hot-house conditions we are hell-bent on creating.

Robert I. Price


Two things are clear

I am slogging my way through the heavily redacted Mueller Report. I am only up to page 44, but a couple of things are pretty obvious. 1) Trump and his family worked with the Russians to rig our 2016 elections. 2) The Russians will do it again in 2020 if nothing changes.

Rich Fairbanks


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