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Letters, April 30

New trail is needed

This letter is in response to the article of April 12, “Urban trail gets pushback,” about a new segment of the Larson Creek Greenway.

Plans for this trail should be no surprise, having been publicized for several years. It appeared for example, on the City’s planning site; in the Mail Tribune on May 24, 2007, “Mini-greenway would be missing link”; on June 19, 2018, “City ready to extend Larson Creek Trail”; and on Jan 23, 2019, “Blazing a new trail, one step at a time.” It was covered by TV station KTVL on April 9, 2019.

This new segment of the trail will help fill the real lack of east-west routes for cyclists and walkers to get to the Greenway safely by avoiding busy Barnett Road. Only when Medford’s bicycle and pedestrian facilities are improved to be safe for all ages and abilities will enough people cycle and walk in significant numbers, improving the quality of life in Medford and reducing air pollution. More cyclists and walkers on the path will also displace the transients and drug activity that some residents have expressed concern about.

Jeff Roberts. Siskiyou Velo webmaster


Starchvick is a gem

I’ve had the privilege of working with Karen Starchvick on the Medford Food Project for the past seven years.

As the founder of the MFP, I’m always on the lookout for people who are passionate and smart enough to get things done. We depend on them. Finding Karen was a stroke of luck for the MFP, because she’s a dream volunteer: She takes on hard tasks, works tirelessly to finish them, and really cares about getting results.

What more could a nonprofit — or a school district — ask for? I can say from experience that if every public servant were as dedicated as Karen, the world would be a better place. For the past four years she’s made improving Medford schools her cause, and has played a critical role in the district’s successes. I hope voters recognize what a gem they have in Karen and reelect her on May 21.

John Javna


Real work

I believe the top problems in Oregon are homelessness, affordable housing, too many restrictions on businesses and in Medford the inability to house criminals. Are the politicians at any level seriously working on these things?

When I watch the news, they’re banning foam? I like my foam cups, it keeps my drink cold. Finding ways to steal our money to fund PERS. Wanting to impose a carbon tax that will do nothing, well, maybe .00001%, to remove CO2.

I want them working on important things. They could remove most of the restrictions on building housing. They could remove most of the licensing obstacles. Attend 600 hours of school to cut hair? They could give true educational choice and get rid of the monopoly. On the federal level they need to find a cure for Trump Derangement Syndrome so the Democrats could do some real work. And ultimately they could privatize most of what government does. The politicians make decisions, but we don’t need huge bureaucracies to carry them out.

I just want them to get back to doing things that benefit the average citizen, and quit taking all these detours.

Larry Fields


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