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Letters, May 2

Regulated capitalism is best

Anybody out there getting sick and tired of being called a socialist for wanting health care my family can afford? I am.

Let me be clear: Americans don’t need health care insurance, they need health care assurance. Every Democrat I know is defined as a democratic social capitalist, i.e., they believe regulated capitalism is the best economic system, not only to make you rich, but to also produce the resources required for the social needs of our country, and there are many. From the military, police and firefighters to Social Security, medical care, disaster relief, food and housing security, environmental protections, highways and bridges and maintaining forests and open space, just to name a few.

I won’t name all the socialist programs for the rich, and there are many, but here’s a few: farm subsidies, building sport stadiums, oil company subsidies, Trump golf courses, disaster aid, medical research for drugs and medical procedures only the rich can afford to use, among many others.

Capitalism without regulation digresses into a greedocracy of, by and for the greedy. There are many social programs where a profit motive does not compute in the “affordable” equation.

Steve Armantrout


Russian election interference

With the release of the Mueller report clearing the Trump campaign of colluding with Russia, Democrats continue to whine about it.

Russia has been interfering in foreign election for years, both in the U.S. and Western Europe. We are not immune from that practice ourselves. Remember the Obama administration’s attempt to take down the Israeli prime minister five years ago?

Election tampering can be stopped if we tighten our election rules. Machine voting and voting by mail should be discontinued. Machines can be rigged and mail can “disappear” until the votes are “needed.”

Proof of citizenship should be required when a person registers to vote. With the exception of absentee ballots for those unable to vote in their precinct on election day, voting should be on paper ballots that are counted at polling stations after they close and then delivered to the county clerk.

American citizens have the right to vote. If we care enough we should be willing to spend the time to make our wishes known on election day.

Valerie T. Smullen

Central Point

Sheer hypocrisy

Oh dear. Another “The Russians are coming” opinion from the security state’s own house organ, the Washington Post.

First of all, the sheer hypocrisy. It’s not like the US hasn’t meddled in pretty much every foreign election of note since about forever. Often with military coups like in Iran and Chile. Most recently in Venezuela, where apparently the people elected the wrong president.

Secondly, the Russians — whatever they did do — don’t have their own U.S. lobbying group like AIPAC. They don’t have their own oligarch financing political campaigns like Sheldon Adelson. The Russians didn’t donate money to the Clinton Foundation so that our secretary of state would approve an arms sale.

If you really are concerned about foreign influence in U.S. elections, start with the twin elephants in the room: Israel and Saudi Arabia.

Steve Soar


Schools in good hands

I am so pleased to see that Lilia Caballero and Karen Starchvick are willing to serve another term on the Medford School Board. Our schools are in good hands when people like this step forward to serve.

Ginnie Deason


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