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Letters, May 5

Thanks for action on cougar

I just wanted to take a minute to thank the Medford Police Department on their action on the cougar problem on Saturday/Sunday.

I know, as a person who lives on Bear Creek, it has been incredibly nerve-wracking for me for the past few weeks. I have pets that I was worried about even letting them out to do their business during the day. I have a roommate who smokes and she was so afraid that we have installed a huge walking stick on the back patio for safety.

In short for the past few weeks, we have been held prisoner by this cougar, so for the first time in a while we are all breathing sighs of relief. I love the beauty of the scenery that Bear Creek provides as a backdrop for my backyard, but I have to remember that sometimes Mother Nature has claws and teeth.

Again, I am incredibly grateful to MPD. I know they did all they could do take him alive, but when it came down to taking the cougar alive or putting humans at risk, they had to make the hard decision. I also know it was not made lightly.

Carmen Kruschke


‘Jeopardy’ streak frustrating

One of my favorite shows, “Jeopardy,” on KDRV 12, has left me frustrated. I can’t imagine what the two contestants facing James H. must feel night after night, knowing their chances are slim if not impossible.

I would like to see the show give a second chance to all that played against James. Since Alex will be leaving the show, this could be a bright spot to help all of us transition without Alex heading the show. We all like winners, but not at the embarrassment of opponents.

Nancy R. Fox

Central Point

Opposed to pipeline

As a lifetime resident of Oregon, I am an adamant opponent of the Jordan Cove LNG pipeline, this project on its path through our beautiful Southern Oregon and through too many private properties with the threat of eminent domain.

The second danger I see is the drilling under our beautiful rivers. We in the Rogue Valley will be subject to an under-river crossing through the small town of Trail.

My biggest fear is that gas is explosive — pipelines break, and if it were to break at the Rogue River crossing, the town of Trail would be gone and our beautiful Rogue River would be highly contaminated.

I would ask all residents of the Rogue Valley to call Gov. Kate Brown and request she use her power to challenge the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement and protect our beautiful state.

I suggest that all concerned citizens call Governor Brown at 503-378-4852 and ask her to stand with us to keep Oregon safe and beautiful.

Roger Hansen

White City

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