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Letters, May 6

Thanks to police

I am an artist and someone who has and is successfully functioning through the Fire Season catastrophes of 2014 onward. I am a registered voter and I write poetry that is often published in the Ashland Tidings’ Haiku Corner.

I also fully without a shadow of a doubt actively support the Medford Police Department’s shooting of a cougar on Sunday morning, April 28, because that cougar was prowling way, way, way, way, too close to the home of my Southern Oregon/Jackson County/Job Connection/job coach. If anything had happened to her or her friends or her family, I would have been absolutely content with eating that cougar raw.

Thank you, editors of the Mail Tribune, for allowing me to tell you this and thank you Medford Police Department for doing the only, correct and best thing to have done on Sunday Morning April 28.

Josephina ‘Josie’ Sarah Baker


Oregon, come back!

What do you believe is Oregon’s financial backbone? Well, it is logging, fishing, mining and great people.

I have the solution and I thought I would run it by you and all your friends. How would you like to see most all of the forest fires stopped?

Here is my solution. We need to start logging all over the state of Oregon, now!

Now, when logging occurs, there is a tax on every tree cut called a severance tax. There isn’t any reason that this severance tax shouldn’t be paid to PERS. PERS needs help.

So when the logging starts, this will help everyone. This will generate thousands of jobs and taxes for all of the counties and money for PERS. And, possibly, no more forest fires!

Bob Fredinburg


D9 School Board elections

School Board members Nita Lundberg (Position 4), Emily McIntire and Tony Lallo voted against a three-year contract extension for longtime Jacksonville resident, Superintendent Cynda Rickert. I believe there are many alleged administrative failures (extremely low grading standards, teachers reporting cheating, ignoring EPHS teacher recommendations to raise grading standards, 24/7 iPad issues, 71% tax bond failure, extreme employee turnover, losing civil rights lawsuit, etc.) that justify this. Also, I believe the board is just starting to fully understand their role.

I believe the administration is allegedly supporting Diane Mihocko (Position 1) and Julian Cordle (Position 4).

School Board candidates Nita Lundberg (Position 4), Chad Pomeroy (Position 1) and Kimberly Larsen (Position 1) are lifetime residents of our district and former K-12 students. I believe these candidates are the ones most likely to represent the taxpayers and our students and to avoid any administrative pressures to do otherwise. Please vote.

Jim Mannenbach

Eagle Point

Lundberg for EP School Board

Of the many candidates for Eagle Point School Board, Nita Lundberg is exceptional. She has a unique passion for public education that is founded in her belief that every child deserves the opportunity to succeed.

Nita bases every School Board decision on finding what is best for kids, and is willing to set aside politics to achieve that goal. For years, she has effectively communicated with staff, community and parents to do what is right for all students, and has the leadership skills to build a bright future for all education stakeholders in Eagle Point.

As a current director and former president of the Oregon School Boards Association, I’ve worked with school board members throughout the state. I welcome the chance to work with Nita Lundberg at any time, and would feel fortunate if she oversaw education policy for my own children and grandchildren.

Craig Prewitt


Medical magic

Wow! Medical magic is astounding. After a little botox and plastic surgery now Joe Biden looks just like Tim Allen.

Another last man standing. Go Joe, go. Just kidding.

Michael McDermott


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