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Letters, May 7

Support Workplace Fairness Act

I support the Oregon Workplace Fairness Act (SB 726), which would protect workers who face discrimination.

When I grew up there were few such protections in place. Women sometimes dealt with sexual harassment as a way of life; many would try to ignore it, or feel compelled to quit the job they had. They knew that if they cried foul, the victim would be blamed.

I’d assumed that our society now had greater protections for women and men in the workplace. However, I’ve learned that some corporations have provisions preventing the rehiring of employees previously discriminated against. Victims often have to relocate to find work again. This seems to be another form of victim blaming, behind the facade of following sexual harassment laws meant to protect the worker.

Our state has a real opportunity with SB 726 to help change the way sexual harassment is handled in the workplace. Thank you to Sen. Jeff Golden for supporting this bill and helping it pass in the Senate. I understand that Rep. Pam Marsh also supports it, and will greatly appreciate her vote in the Legislature. When SB 726 becomes law, it will improve the workplace environment for all.

P. LeVee


Health care for all

The Mueller report confirmed that Russia aided and abetted Trump’s “election,” an act of sabotage Trump welcomed and lied about.

Putin’s choice is a white nationalist sociopath whose maniacal tirades have spawned a deadly spike in hate crimes; Republicans are crazy about him. But while our attention is focused on what we already knew, Trump and Barr plot to dismantle what’s left of the Affordable Care Act without any regard for the millions of Americans who depend on it. The GOP has lost any vestige of heart or conscience.

Most Americans agree all citizens should have access to affordable education and health care. For that, our so-called president denounces us as socialists who want to turn the U.S. into Venezuela. Actually we had something more like Norway in mind, but he doesn’t know the difference between socialism and social programs.

Some say we can’t afford the basic services other industrialized nations enjoy, but we’re flushing over half our federal discretionary budget down the military/industrial complex. If we spent more on healing and helping people instead of killing them, there’s nothing we couldn’t do. Kindness and reason might even become more popular than hatred and lies. Let’s make America good again.

Michael Steely


No stones were cast

Regarding Ira Edwards and his complaint (May 3) that Trump and his cohorts were victims of a public stoning, I find his analogy interesting. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the punishment for adultery was stoning, while in The Art of the Deal, Trump bragged about the many times he committed adultery.

Truth be told, Trump has violated just about every moral code in Leviticus except the prohibition against trimming one’s beard: adultery, stealing, lying, spreading slander, seeking revenge or bearing a grudge, defrauding your neighbor, holding back the wages of an employee overnight. The list of Donald Trump’s crimes and sins grows longer every day.

I also want to remind Ira Edwards and others of his mindset that the Mueller report, in its own words, “does not exonerate him” (Trump) of the obstruction of justice charge. No stones were cast. Beware of false gods.

Mark Saunders


Thanks to tax helpers

I, for one, would like to heartily thank those wonderful AARP volunteer tax-aide preparers for their faithful service each tax season! I have witnessed their outstanding performance at a host site year after year.

They are absolutely great folks, and their free expertise is very much appreciated by the persons they serve!

Who said “Numbers are boring?!” The Tax-Aide Volunteers are sharp, enthusiastic, professional, patient, and willing to help you file in a timely fashion! Just be sure to show up with all the required documents, and they take over from there the task of tax preparation with courtesy and concern.

So thank you one and all, AARP tax aide preparers, for a job well done.

And, thus saith the Lord:

“Render unto Caesar ” is the reason for the season.

Jacqueline S. Glynn


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