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Letters, May 8

Trump supporters wake up

Why would working-class Americans put their trust in Donald Trump? He was a rich kid from New York with no clue about the challenges of working-class families.

Why would veterans support Donald Trump? He ridiculed a true war hero and dodged the draft with phony bone spurs.

Why would women support Donald Trump? In his own words, “When you’re a star you can do anything. Grab them by the $&@*%!”

Why would Christians support Donald Trump? He slept with multiple women while he was a married man and would rather golf than attend church.

Why would any intelligent person support Donald Trump?

No good answer to that.

D. Watson


Amend the Constitution

As a volunteer advocate for campaign finance reform since 2015, I appreciated the guest opinion regarding small-donor elections. The corruption in our election system that gives excessive power to special interests and the wealthiest Americans is a foundational issue, the source of many American problems. We must act now.

Specifically I’d like to respond to the author’s lament regarding the Citizen’s United decision that blew the doors open and led to an avalanche of special-interest money flooding campaigns. We in fact can act directly to put the power back into the hands of the people. Passing HJM 4 is part of that targeted solution.

HJM 4 is a state bill that would add Oregon to the list of states calling to initiate the amendment process to address campaign finance reform. If the Supreme Court won’t address its decades-long trend of shifting the power away from the people, then the people must themselves encourage their state legislators to amend the U.S. Constitution. It is our best hope for comprehensive campaign finance reform.

Please see wolf-pac.com to learn about this movement, and contact Sen. Jeff Golden (503-986-1703), and other state legislators to make sure they pass this critical piece of legislation.

Phil Guidotti

Central Point

Endorsing Mihocko

Dianne Mihocko would like to serve in Position 1 on the Eagle Point District 9 School Board.

I taught for 11 years with Dianne when she was teaching ninth-grade world history and geography in Mesa, Arizona. As her colleague and department chairperson I soon realized how lucky our school was to have her.

Dianne’s students, fellow teachers, and parents respected her very much. She has the qualities needed to be an exemplary teacher and school board member.

I imagine she displayed those in the four years she already served on the board. Those qualities would include professionalism, friendliness, flexibility, problem solving, people skills and ability to work with people with diverse ideas. She would always put the needs of her students first. It’s time once again to let Dianne help meet the needs of all students in the district by electing her.

Ray Gomez

Chandler, Arizona

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