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Letters, May 10

Heartened by wilderness bill

I was heartened to learn of the efforts of Oregon’s senators to protect the old-growth forests surrounding the Wild and Scenic Rogue River as wilderness (“Rogue wilderness areas would expand under proposed new bill, May 4).

The main stem Wild Rogue River and its cold-water tributaries in the magnificent forested river canyon have attracted rafters, kayakers, fisherpeople and hikers from around the country and around the world. The recreational, scenic and economic values of the watershed are incalculable.

While most of us see the Rogue and its wildlands as a “golden egg” to be cherished, some in the timber industry view it more as a “goose” to be axed. Don’t be fooled by the timber industry rhetoric claiming that we must slick off our forests to save them.

In 2013, summer forest fires burned in the logged-over timber industry tree plantations and heavily logged BLM stands in the nearby Douglas fire. Most of those forests burned at stand-replacing intensity. That same year the Big Windy fire occurred along the south side of the Rogue River in the old-growth forests that may soon be protected as wilderness. Those forests burned at low intensity, consuming ground fuels while sparing the large trees.

George Sexton


Vote for Lilia Caballero

If you have the opportunity to vote for Position 7 on the Medford School Board, reelect Lilia Caballero.

In my experience of working with Lilia on a local foundation, we all find her very compassionate, well-informed of the issues and highly motivated to seeing that the values of our community are fairly represented. Her passion for children is a good fit for her service on the school board. She brings diversity and integrity to any undertaking she accepts.

Why would anyone vote for Ankerberg for anything? He has run for several positions in our area, and deservedly so, lost in all attempts. Someone who is dishonest does not deserve to be in a position of trust or representation of our values.

Mike Heverly


No fire reminders, please

While I can appreciate that you are possibly trying to “keep the pressure on lawmakers” about the upcoming fire season, every time I open the paper and see a headline about fire season, it causes me great anxiety.

It may sound silly to you, but my business/job is dependent on the tourism season. Not only do your articles cause me pause but I am concerned that every potential visitor to the valley may see your headlines and avoid coming to the Rogue Valley in the “potential fire season.” Have you given any thought to the fact that your coverage might be hurting the valley instead of helping?

In my opinion, we can all effect change by writing to our elected politicians and attending the forums, etc., around the valley and pressuring them to effect change. I don’t need your constant reminders of what we may or may not face this summer.

Deana Lynn


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