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Letters, May 11

Lilia models community

The United Nations defines community development as “a process where community members come together to take collective action and generate solutions to common problems.” Locally, Lilia Caballero is one of those community members.

I have seen Lilia in action with the Medford Police Department, the Medford School Board, the Jackson County Gang Prevention Task Force and with a host of nonprofit organizations. With each topic, Lilia is always thoughtful about our local kids, families and neighborhoods. I appreciate her many hours of dedicated service leading others to take collective action and generate solutions.

Brad Russell


Cordle for D9 School Board

I’d like to express my support for Julian Cordle for the Eagle Point School Board.

Julian cares for our community, and he enjoys participating in various activities. He has a background in technology and business, and his knowledge would be an asset to our district. Please vote for Julian Cordle for Eagle Point School District 9 director, Position 4.

Dannielle Broeske

Eagle Point

Greenway etiquette

With the advent of spring and summer, the use of our wonderful Bear Creek Greenway by bicyclists and pedestrians increases. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, there are a few written (and unwritten) rules. First, all users — pedestrians as well as cyclists — should keep to the right and pass on the left. This is fairly natural for cyclists, but pedestrians have to overcome their natural tendency to walk against oncoming traffic, as they would on a road populated by automobiles. For this safe and efficient system to really work well, cyclists need to have a bell or other friendly-sounding warning to let other users know they are coming and that they will pass on the left. Nobody, whether walking or on a bike, enjoys having someone suddenly whoosh by them, nor is this a safe practice.

Dogs should always be kept on a leash. Even if you know your dog will always remain next to you, other users don’t necessarily know this. Running into an unleashed dog isn’t any fun for either human or animal, and the owner will likely be held liable for any damages resulting from a failure to obey leash laws. Thanks, and enjoy using our regional treasure.

Dan Thorndike


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