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Letters, May 12

Jim Horner has the edge

Your editorial on Saturday gave a “slight edge” to a candidate for the Medford School Board who has “a background in the kind of vocational training schools are increasingly emphasizing.”

Jim Horner, who, as an incumbent, is not only at least as knowledgeable about district operations, he also spent more than three decades working for major Silicon Valley technology companies — an impressive background to help guide the district’s career and technical education (CTE) goals.

Seems to me that experience, in addition to his business acumen, demonstrated advocacy for Medford’s schools, and independent thinking, gives Jim Horner has the “edge.” Join me in voting for Jim Horner!

Lyn Hennion


Kept man

Beginning around the mid-sixties, coincident with passage of the 1965 Civil Rights Act, the Republican Party has been gradually commandeered by a loose cabal of neoconservatives who have learned to mask their autocratic purpose and convictions by moderating the rabid invective of their openly unreconstructed ancestors.

Their motives, however, encompass the same range of anxieties — collective fear of change, racism, white nationalism, religious fundamentalism, anger at diminishing white privilege — still infecting this rough coalition of folks who are not only inimical to liberal thought, but also to the democratic impulse and generally progressive arc of American values evolving since the nation’s inception.

Trump hasn’t created this reactionary agglomeration; a born grifter, he has simply identified these natural political allies among the electorate and fellow travelers in the Congress, cultivated their allegiances, and parroted their fervor in the vulgar “style over substance” manner so favored by ideologues. The egomaniac-in-chief is content to bask in the warmth of their near total adoration, and is therefore more effect than cause. The authoritarian infection resides in his culturally ossified base and Congressional supporters, and is merely reflected in the crass person of Trump himself, who values nothing so much as — himself.

Gary R. Collins


Support food stamp incentive bill

As a nutritionist therapy practitioner, helping people make healthy choices is not just my business, it’s my passion. But stretching a food budget is challenging, especially when you have a desire to eat healthy and nutritious food.

No one should be put in the position of choosing between running out of food completely or eating unhealthy food so that their money lasts longer. Having nutritious food is good for everyone, but is especially good for those who suffer from chronic diseases and are often supported by other state-funded programs.

Double Up Food Bucks is a SNAP incentive program that allows participants to get more fruits and vegetables with their SNAP dollars at local farmers markets. State Rep. Pam Marsh, D-Ashland, co-sponsored Senate Bill 727 this session, that I hope the Legislature passes. With a relatively small but meaningful investment from the state, we can do more to support Oregon families and local farmers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Kellie Hill


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