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Letters, May 17

Local artist not chosen

Just had to express my disappointment that one of our talented local artists was not chosen for the downtown mural. Happen to know one who was hoping to showcase some of our local history in art. Oh well — another time.

Darlene Donnelly


Dollar-sign blockages

Foresight is not operative in most Republicans in Congress because their neural pathways are clogged with money images, stifling any visionary aptitude they might possess. They’ve conspired with Demolisher-in-Chief Trump and his partners in money-grubbing schemes to dismantle America’s time-honored institutions and to embolden its racists.

With few exceptions, Republicans have acted in concert with Trump at the expense of the American people and planet Earth. Prime example: Sen. Lindsey Graham, early Trump critic turned toadying apologist. He and his Republican colleagues realized they could manipulate the man who conned his way into the presidency lacking the knowledge and moral character necessary to govern wisely and ethically. Opportunists Graham and cohorts expect Trump to endorse any legislative proposal reflecting their shared pro-corporate/anti-people biases.

Only when Trump sycophants in Congress clear their neural pathways of dollar-sign blockages, restoring their visionary function, will America’s future be viewed with optimism.

Marie Arvette


Enough is enough

Oregon did have programs to keep all this mountain brush under control. But then environmentalnmental scientists came to Oregon and declared these programs unhealthy.

Then environmental scientists declared Oregon fish hatcheries, digging for gold and water programs unhealthy. Then environmental scientists came up with a holy book called endangered species, then shoved it in our faces and said it was our fault. Then these environmental scientists made laws to keep us off the mountain. Then they said we must do what they say for the kids.

Today, the environmental science answer is fire, let it burn. Thirty-three years ago, the tree-huggers’ plan was to save trees, not burn mountain critters to the ground. Science is a theory, not a fact, and us Oregonians have played environmental science games real good for three decades. But enough is enough.

Tom Rolie


How far will Walden go?

How far is Rep. Greg Walden willing to go on ignoring the brazen criminality and increasingly erratic behavior of President Trump?

If Trump has done nothing wrong, then why shouldn’t the American people see his tax records? Walden doesn’t speak up.

If Trump has done nothing wrong, why has the full, unexpurgated Mueller report and its underlying sources been withheld even from congressional investigators? Walden doesn’t speak up.

If Trump has done nothing wrong, why is he resisting legally issued congressional subpoenas? Walden doesn’t speak up.

If Trump has done nothing wrong, why the continual stream of lies issuing from the Oval Office like a daily haz-mat containment failure? Walden doesn’t speak up.

Walden’s silence implies complicity in an ongoing cover-up.

This is the same representative who at the president’s behest sponsored a deceptive “repeal and replace” bill that would have immediately stripped 300,000 of his own constituents of health care. If someone so easily betrays the interests of the Second District, why would he be concerned about a president betraying the nation’s interests?

Alberto Enriquez


Vote for Cordle

I have known Julian Cordle for close to six years now. He is the most caring and compassionate person I have met. He is always trying to help kids be successful.

He went above and beyond for all of them and really helped my son come out of his shell and not be so shy.

I met him coaching soccer and he was always doing everything he could to help each and every one of the kids be successful!

I do not live in Eagle Point, but I do believe the district would be lucky to have him on the board! He would be the perfect fit.

Vote for Julian Cordle!

Jessica Cole

Central Point

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