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Letters, May 18

Dialogue planned today

On May 5, the Mail Tribune published an editorial by its publisher, Steven Saslow, who called for a local dialogue addressing the issue of “murder in the name of hate ...” Saslow asked, “What would happen if that violence actually happened in our community?” He suggested a “local call to action to protect ourselves and our community.”

My wife and I are responding. At 9:30 a.m today, at Kids Unlimited in Medford, we are facilitating a 2.5-hour workshop on “How to Talk to Your Kids About Race in America.”

We believe there’s power in reducing fear of “others” in our community and state. We believe parents and teachers can do a better job of equipping youth to understand our multicultural American society when they have practical tools and resources.

For more information on registration, please visit our eventbrite page.

Mike Green

Central Point

Vote Cordle, Mihocko

I would like to strongly endorse Julian Cordle and Dianne Mihocko for the two open positions on the Eagle Point School District Board of Directors.

As former mayor of the city of Eagle Point, I remain a very interested observer and participant in our community and our school district. Whether it is setting high standards for student achievement, developing policy or understanding the budget process, Mihocko’s teaching experience and prior tenure on the board helped set the foundation for significant progress in our schools. Cordle brings experience in leadership through his involvement with local youth athletic programs and seat on the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Please join me in supporting Julian Cordle and Dianne Mihocko for the Eagle Point School District 9 Board of Directors.

Bob Russell

Eagle Point

Support Mihocko

When choosing your candidate for District 9 School Board, I hope you will join me in supporting Dianne Mihocko for Position 1. As a previous District 9 board member and board chairperson, Dianne has significant experience and leadership she offers our community.

We are grateful she’s chosen to again dedicate herself to the future of our schools, teachers, staff and most importantly, our students. She’s the right person for this important role, and I hope you will support her in this election.

Julian Cordle

Eagle Point

Supporting Cordle

I am writing today as the owner and operator of the Circus of Screams Haunted House in Eagle Point as well as having known Julian Cordle on a personal basis for over 10 years.

Julian has always been a dedicated, hard-working advocate and leader for children and young adults in our area. He is a positive role model, as well as being highly motivated in youth sports in our community.

He has become a valuable member of our Circus of Screams team in our efforts to raise money for local youth sports teams and other nonprofits. We are grateful for his abilities, and urge you to support him with your vote. It’s time to bring some new blood, so to speak, to our District 9 School Board.

Julie Ball

Eagle Point

Vote Julian Cordle for D9

Eagle Point School District, comprising the students, teachers and community members of White City, Shady Cove and Eagle Point, deserve a talented, cohesive, problem-solving board.

Julian Cordle is a great listener who makes measured, thoughtful decisions. He will work hard to do the best for our students and listen to the community. Julian Cordle is just the person Eagle Point School District needs on its board. Vote for Julian!

Dianne Mihocko

Eagle Point

How is that democracy?

When the leader of the U.S. Senate decides which bills he will allow a vote on, how is that democracy?

Where does this power come from? Why do we allow one person to have such power ?

Ronald Hendel

Rogue River

A cautionary tale

A number of years ago, a friend took the money he earned after selling his company and bought 100 acres of heavily wooded land. He and his wife designed and built their dream home. It was a beautiful home in a lovely setting.

A few years later, a representative of a pipeline company appeared at their door. He told them the company was going to build a pipeline that would go right through the middle of their woods. They and a number of their neighbors fought a good fight. It appeared that government was behind the project and, after an extended battle, the pipeline was built. That wasn’t the worst part.

The pipeline company demanded that the land over the pipeline be kept clear and no obstructions be installed. They now have a dirt bike and ATV freeway 100 yards from their formerly peaceful home. Law enforcement will do nothing.

In their advertising, Pembina claims that there is already 18,000 miles of natural gas pipeline in Oregon. Why don’t they use some of the existing pipeline to move their gas to Jordan Cove?

Mike Sowers


Ashland gets jail vote right

On Tuesday, Ashland city councilors made the right choice to not add Ashland to a 20-year taxing district for a, 800-bed, $166 million jail. I was impressed with councilors Graham, Slattery and Seffinger who advocated for a more comprehensive plan from the county that addresses the need for services and not just a place to lock people away.

With the county asking for such a hefty investment, you would think the proposal would include measures to prevent crime in the first place like more funding for addiction, housing and mental health services. Any proposal that aims to tackle crime but doesn’t address root causes shouldn’t be the only option on the table. We need long term solutions and investments in community programs.

Just two years ago, we lost 200 county mental health workers. Why aren’t we utilizing county resources to help break the cycle of crime and prioritize mental health and addictions services that help keep people out of jail? The county needs to go back to the drawing board on this and seek input from cities, social service agencies and community groups before putting such a big proposal forward.

Sarah Spansail


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