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Letters, May 21

How do husbands feel?

I have been listening to the news about the abortion laws being enacted and I couldn’t help wondering what men, especially husbands, think about these laws. While a woman’s right is first and foremost, men are affected by them.

It is really a family issue. Most couples would have a discussion about the fallout of raising a child conceived in rape. Can they be loving and good to a child that is a constant reminder of abuse? It would be hard!

If a man’s wife was dying in childbirth and he had other children to raise without their mother, I believe he would want a say in the decision.

So why do men stay quiet when these laws are passed? I know they care about protecting their rights. I believe the outcome would be a lot different if men joined the discussions.

Families have the right to plot their future. I hope we hear how husbands feel and leave politics out of it.

Linda Annecston

Central Point

Gulf of Tonkin redux

The current administration has sent a carrier and bomber task force to the Iran area.

Next step, rename Persian Gulf to “Gulf of Tonkin.”

Yes, satire. Yes, fearing the events may play out as they did in 1964.

Today, 2019, nothing like a good little war to unite the voters behind you 18 months before the 2020 election.

For the many too young to know the Gulf of Tonkin reference, the formula goes like this: Send warships close to an enemy shore as a show of force. Hope the enemy commits a provocative act, or make one up. Use the “act” as an excuse to bomb in “retaliation.” Fire up the American people and

Seen the movie, had a bit part in it, called the Vietnam War. The sequel is likely to be coming to a theater near you.

Pay no attention to the post-war costs. We never do.

Larry Slessler


MAGA hat here

Don’t really like responding, but this a must.

Come to Ashland, yes Ashland, you’ll see me in my MAGA hat. Once a week you’ll see me in Costco, where I get two to three “love your hat” comments.

Probably don’t see others because they are concerned about the PTSD snowflakes causing problems like you see on TV like the poor student with that Indian activist. Maxine Waters says get in their faces. I say don’t try it.

Yep, thoroughbreds are in stables and there are those in pens on the farm.

Donald Politis


Our prices will go up

A 3-foot diameter natural gas pipeline is being proposed from south of Klamath Falls to Coos Bay, which will be 234 miles long. It would move 1 billion cubic feet or 7.5 billion gallons of gas per day.

The Canadian gas company Pembina is not responsible for anything once it is inspected and buried. This includes leaks, explosions, terrorist attacks or any mishaps whatsoever. It becomes the responsibility of the Department of Energy, which is us!

Using 40-foot-length pipe, there would be 30,888 welds, all of which pose a chance for mistakes. Oregon and the rest of the U.S. gets none of this gas. It all goes to China, Japan, etc. What elected official would sign on to that?

Please support Rogue Climate, Info@Rogueclimate.org, 541-301-9204, or contact Gov. Kate Brown at 503-378-4582.

Jesse Stills


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