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Letters, May 22

Balanced climate policies needed

Recently, The Mail Tribune ran an article, “How two Oregon universities helped finance opposition to Gov. Kate Brown’s climate agenda.” This article misrepresents not only the mission and focus of the Alliance of Western Energy Consumers (AWEC), but also my personal views on climate change.

I believe in a balanced approach that treats businesses fairly and takes into consideration the global impact carbon policies have on our state, our members, and the jobs they provide. It is unreasonable in my opinion to debate whether climate change is real. Humanity must assume that greenhouse gases need to be reduced lest we risk catastrophic change in the decades ahead.

AWEC is a nonprofit organization comprising the largest, most innovative employers in the West. We advocate for affordable, reliable electricity and natural gas for industrial users. This ensures that our members can continue to manufacture goods and provide services here in the Pacific Northwest, where we have some of the cleanest energy in the world.

Ed Finklea

Director of Natural Gas, Alliance of Western Energy Consumers

We need a new law

Instead of taking hard-fought and longstanding legal rights away from women, I believe we should implement a new law. I believe we should have country-wide, mandatory, reversible vasectomies on all pre-teen boys.

I think women should be in charge and regulate this. They’d have to have a medical report, and signature from a mental health, an IQ, and DNA expert, to be able to grant her partner the ability to reverse it — when and if, they decide to have their “God” given child.

No more un-wanted pregnancies, no religiosity involved, and no more “old white men” regulating women’s bodies! Seems pretty easy and fair to me!

D. Hawkins


Fires are here to stay

We all know how bad the wildfires have been. There are lots of ideas about how to mitigate them. I don’t think any of them are going to work.

The fact is that our valley has been warming, and will continue to warm. The forests are adapting to that change.

Part of that adaptation is to clear out the dying trees to make room for the new vegetation. Fire does the job. The forests are tinder dry, getting drier, and the current fuel loads are very high. There is no reason to think that smoky summers won’t last for quite a while. There’s a lot of forest out there to burn.

Anthony Pippel


Proud MAGA hat wearers

In response to T. Alan Gielow’s letter to the editor on May 15:

My two sons and myself proudly wear our MAGA hats. This may disappoint him, but we get a lot more thumbs up than we get thumbs down. I personally think he put the jackass label on the wrong person. So he should wear that hat as proudly as he can.

Derrill Whitehead


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