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Letters, May 25

Pray for our nation

As long as massive numbers of foreigners flood in over our borders, taking many of our jobs, bringing drugs or ending up on welfare, we will have financial problems.

Raising our taxes by the city, state or the government doesn’t make sense, as the government never seems to have enough money. The county wants to build a new jail at a cost of $166 million. I say no to any new tax. When is this craziness going to end?

Our president is doing everything he can to right the ship, and we should be thankful as the ship came close to sinking under President Obama’s leadership. Most of our people don’t realize how bad things could become under the unwise direction a socialist leader would take us.

Look up the direction the shadow government, the deep state and the elites plan to take us. Yes, it sounds like Revelation 13 and Venezuela’s horrible mess. Pray for our nation.

Gordon DeVos


Logging hurts waterways

I live on a farm and run a bakery in the Applegate and I have become increasingly concerned with the minimal laws regarding logging on private property uphill from my home and business.

Two years ago, hundreds of acres of private forests were clearcut upstream from my property. I was devastated by what they were legally able to do, only a short distance from our fish-bearing Yale Creek.

Recently I found out that this area, the “Siskiyou Region.” has a weaker standard for stream buffers than that of the rest of Western Oregon. This allows for trees to be clearcut close to fish-bearing streams, increasing stream temperatures, evaporation rates and sedimentation in waterways.

This is a problem for fish as well as for farms like ours that rely on creeks to water our fields and crops. When our water got cut off last year, I couldn’t help but think that evaporation and silt from clearcuts above had contributed to the problem.

In June, the Board of Forestry is being asked to do something about this issue. Please help inform Southern Oregon and urge the board to increase stream buffer protections for our fish-bearing streams.

Rose Demmin

Applegate Valley

Runnin’ with the big dogs

With the constant right-wing gushing over the “greatest economy ever,” I feel the need to address some concerns we so-called “libtards” have, to the MAGA hat wearers.

Have they not noticed the cries of anguish and bankruptcy coming from Midwestern farmers? Or why so many jobs President Trump promised to the coal industry never materialized? Or why the price of gasoline is steadily creeping up to $3.50 a gallon here? Or why their hats are actually produced in China?

Why isn’t Mexico isn’t paying for the wall? Why are they so concerned with women’s reproductive rights when they’re willing to look the other way while our children are being gunned down in schools?

I don’t have any logical answers to these questions, but I’d like to offer them one theory in a format they might possibly understand: You’ve. Been. Had.

But hey, in someone’s quest to better inform me of their political stance, I received my first hate letter last month! And I’m not making this up, it was pasted into a Christian-themed note card. You can view it in all its glory on my blog.

Tarhooties! I’m runnin’ with the big dogs now!

LJ Zinkand


Rubber reality

Welcome to the age of rubber reality, where the truth is what our glorious leaders say it is regardless of what was said or written or tweeted previously.

You see, Einstein redefined gravity by modeling what he called spacetime as a rubber sheet on which anything with mass would dent the sheet, the more mass, the bigger the dent.

The sun could be imaged as a basketball, for instance, and the planets would be marble-sized, and when set in motion would spin around the sun, eternally.

The presiDENT (get it? DENT) uses rubber reality on a daily basis to redefine the truth as he sees fit so whatever he said yesterday isn’t necessarily what he said yesterday. You gotta check the dent, and shame on you if you don’t understand what you see.

William Mac Bean

Central Point

Why some support Trump

It just occurred to me why Trump still has supporters even though he has done basically nothing for them as he erodes our democracy, and I may be mistaken but I don’t think so: This is the first time they have had a “leader” share with them their bigotry, violence and divisiveness, allowing them to come charging out of the closet.

Rally after rally plainly highlights this, so the fact that he’s a crook and a traitor matters not. I salute those trying to talk any sense to Trump’s “base”; however, attempting to communicate with unenlightened people is always a losing battle. They don’t want immigrants because “the country is full,” and yet it’s acceptable to populate by stripping a woman’s right to her own body by disallowing abortion — hypocrites.

Thankfully they are only 40% of the voting public, although in most civilized countries this number would be an atrocity.

Stephen Duclos


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