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Letters, May 26

Ahead of schedule

A senator characterizing a plan to implement best medical practice to prevent epidemics as “government overreach” demonstrates, at best, malfeasance, and at worst, malicious intent. A representative failing to understand Article I Section 8 with regard to providing for the “general Welfare of the United States”, is guilty of incompetence at best, and at worst sedition, should present economic trends continue to exacerbate our economic divides and discord.

Anyone supporting the Jordan Cove project is simply beyond the pale.

Our U.S.A.-centric Idiocracy is about (2505 - 2020 =) 485 years ahead of schedule.

To not understand the general principles of health issues is absurd. While a bit more esoteric, understanding the function and desirability of an aggressive, progressive tax is accessible to all but the most recalcitrant denier of reality. One does not need to plumb the depths of physics to understand that we need to stop using geologically sequestered coal, oil and methane to even begin to ameliorate anthropogenic climate change.

We, the people of the U.S.A., know what needs to be done. But, just in case you (for the past six decades) have not been paying attention: “Think globally, act locally” only works if we all act globally.

Robert I. Price



If our president is truly innocent and has nothing to hide, then why won’t he release the information requested, instead of relying on the words of party loyalists as his defense?

Tom Espinosa


Doing the opposite

Oh the irony!

The Trump “Make America Great Again” crowd are doing just the opposite. He’s a lying, bragging, cheating, 72-year-old child. He does it all in public. How obvious does he have to be before you see the light?

Tim Church


Plenty of babies here

In response to Janet Scott’s letter of May 23, kudos to her for going to Africa to help save unwanted babies. The thing is, there are many unwanted babies right here in the U.S.

Many are in foster care, but more are bring raised by families who cannot afford or do not want them, and are scarred for life by knowing they are unwanted. Many end up in a life of crime, and incarcerated.

When women do not have control over their bodies, and are forced to bear an unwanted child, the consequences are dire for all involved. In addition, studies show that many adopted children are emotionally scarred, having been carried for nine months by a woman who does not love them. These kids are born with a “chip on their shoulders.”

Every child deserves to be a wanted child. Women deserve to have control over their bodies. Abortion needs to be safe, legal and rare (no one is pro-abortion, by the way.) Seems pretty basic to me!

Katharine Lang


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