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Letters, May 27

Thanks from Down Under

I traveled to Medford from Australia to help my son (he has dual citizenship and served four years with the U.S. Army) settle into the VA rehabilitation facility at White City. We arrived in Medford a couple of days early so we could see what it was like.

It has been incredible — people are so friendly and helpful. Everywhere you go! Medford, take a bow — you are awesome! Thank you for the welcome, kindness and support.

I must mention the staff at the Hilton Garden Inn — from the AGM (Suzanne Peeks) to the front desk (Jason and Lloyd) and housekeeping. They knew why I was here and during my stay their support, kindness and contribution has been wonderful. I cannot commend them enough.

I fly back to Sydney soon. I will be telling all about the amazing people of Medford, the Hilton Garden and the VA facility.

Thank you very much.

Anna Farncomb

Sydney, Australia

What does it say?

When a person wears clothing with lettering, what’s the significance?

It seems the majority of us own and wear apparel with a logo or lettering , which turns us into walking billboards. More often than not we slip on that sweatshirt or put on that hat without thinking a thing about it.

However, some of us wear apparel with the intention of promoting or advocating a business, a cause, a politician, etc. Do we really consider the message we are promoting when we put on that sweatshirt or hat and what that says about us?

Political messaging via our apparel has received some attention lately.

Those who choose to wear this type of apparel need to be aware they are endorsing 100% of the politician: the good, the bad and the ugly. If the politician being represented on the clothing displays major character flaws, the person who is wearing the clothing can be seen as endorsing those flaws. What does that say?

Dan Ginther


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