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Letters, May 30

March for birth control

I am disheartened by the story of middle school girls marching for unlimited access to abortion. Why aren’t they marching and demanding unlimited free access to birth control? The best way to not have an unwanted pregnancy is to not get pregnant in the first place, not abort a baby after is has been given life.

These girls (I hope) have not had sex yet, so they do not fully understand the powerful urge to have sex and the fear and regret they would feel if they found themselves pregnant. They are expressing a position they are learning from their parents, who would serve them better to teach them that sex should be reserved for a relationship with a boy/man that would respect them enough make sure they do not get pregnant or would be able/willing to support a family. Their fathers should be teaching them about teen-age boys.

Yes, there is a chance of failure in birth control so they had better think long and hard about if having sex would be worth the consequences. These girls have been taught the mechanics of conception but not the sacredness of conception.

D. Stewart

Central Point

Laughed out loud

I laughed out loud when I read the May 24 editorial “5G fear,” suggesting that the hundreds of scientists and millions of Americans who are alarmed by the dangers of 5G are just being duped by Russians.

How gullible the editorial board is to accept the theory that all of the independent studies showing biological harm from microwave radiation produced by wireless technology are a product of a Russian plot. For those who are not convinced by undocumented sources of Russian conspiracy theories, the following (non-Russian) websites are educating an informed public who are concerned that wireless (2G-5G) technology is being promoted with disregard to independent studies showing evidence of harm.




People should question telecom’s assertions that high levels of wi-fi are safe based on telecommunication-backed studies. Can you spell “tobacco science”? Consider the late research engineer for Motorola, Robert C. Kane’s warning from his book “Cell Phone Radiation-Russian Roulette”:

“Never in human history has there been such a practice as we now encounter with the marketing and distributing of products hostile to the human biological system by an industry with foreknowledge of those effects.”

Nor will insurance companies insure 5G technology. Why not?

Lunette Fleming


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