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Letters, May 31

Might does not make right

There are those in the United States and among our allies who talk peace but actually favor war, both in thought and actions. They have endless praise for the technical advances in weaponry and consider every soldier a “hero”, some of which are not heroes in any sense.

Two headlines in the Tidings demonstrate this: “U.S. beefs up forces in the Middle East” and “Trump sidesteps Congress, passing 22 arms deals.”

In order to restrain Iran from destabilizing the peace, we send more military to the Middle East. Does this make sense? What will be the next trigger point which launches us into war? What is the next “weapons of mass destruction” fallacy — perhaps something as simple as a drone flight across an aircraft carrier bow?

The attitude of “we’ll show them our might” in an attempt to bring a nation to the negotiating table will not work. We’ve already demonstrated that by pulling out of the Iran Nuclear Accord.

When will we learn that our might does not make it right?

Neal R. Thompson


Call Board of Forestry

I want to thank Lydia Doleman for her guest opinion asking the Board of Forestry to uphold their mission.

In an era of dwindling fish populations, water scarcity, increasingly horrendous forest fires, and record high global temperatures, I am furious that Oregon’s Board of Forestry is so far unwilling to include the Rogue Valley in increasing our stream buffers by 10 feet around fish-bearing streams. Larger stream buffers remediate all these issues. There’s plenty of science to prove it, which the Board of Forestry loves to pretend is irrelevant.

Clearcuts are happening all around my family’s farm at the foot of Dutchman Peak, and little creeks like the one in Box Canyon are buried in the rubble of these decimated ecosystems, which results in erosion, less water for our creeks and rivers, less carbon sequestering and hotter global temperatures from more deforested land. Ten feet! It’s almost literally the least we can ask for and it is definitely the least the Board of Forestry should do. Give ’em a call and let them know what you think.

Jo Ferneau


New expressway is great

Wow, love the new expressway, they certainly got the location, function, as well as the aesthetics right with this one.

It gives you a nice view and feeling of the valley we live in, well done! I only wish a little art or something could be added to one area of the completed Highway 62 area. It looks a little like a moonscape, otherwise it sure looks great and has changed the traffic flow beautifully.

L. Borum

Central Point

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