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Letters, June 5

Universal opportunity

Senate Bill 770, Universal Health Care Commission, is an opportunity to design the detail for a Health Care for All Oregon Plan by 2021.

SB 770 begins with the essential first question the commission is to answer: How do we cover all Oregonians? Then it calls for work to come up with the costs and details of eligibility, scope of coverage, choice of providers, and cost-containment features to avoid co-pays, premiums, or deductibles. It requires study of data from other countries that have answered that first essential question and arrived at universal coverage.

Key issues of provider reimbursement, employer coverage, and federal waivers will be addressed. Public input and transparency are essential elements in the work of the commission.

Only a month is left of the Oregon Legislature. SB 770 passed the Senate Health Committee and now is in Joint Ways and Means. Voters need to weigh in now with their senators and representatives to get a bill hearing and votes in both chambers. With SB 770 passed, we can ignite the process and accept the opportunity to solve our own health care problems by creating the Universal Health Care Commission.

Bill Walsh

Eagle Point

No recourse

If someone throws rotten eggs at me, I have legal recourse. I can get a restraining order.

A president does not have that kind of protection. Trump-haters can throw everything they have and everything they can conjure, and if the president even asks for help, that is deemed a crime.

Ira Edwards


Birth control, not abortion

Eighth-grade girls being coerced by adults to “march” for unlimited access to abortions is wrong in so many ways. Girls this age may not have even started their female maturity and have no idea what they are marching for or against.

When access to birth control is basically unlimited and most of the time free they should be taught how to use it and why. Roe v. Wade is the law of the land and should not and most likely will never be overturned. But using that law as a method of birth control, as it seems they want, should be outlawed. Not only is it physically harmful to women but psychologically as well.

Protesters and various states are enacting laws that ban the use of the word “baby” for unborn fetus. What does that mean? A woman is not pregnant, because that refers to carrying a “child.” What are they then? When birth abortions are allowed, as they are in some states, what does that do to the mental condition of the woman killing a baby? And it is murder of a viable living human being. Teach young girls about actual legal birth control, not abortion on demand.

P. Moran


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