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Letters, June 8

What have we won?

When King David sent Uriah to the front lines in order to further his selfish interests, he was rebuked by Nathan, the prophet. But Nathan only had moral authority, not political power or authority. David was rebuked, but suffered no consequences for his murderous action.

American presidents have learned their Bible lessons well. They send our youth to fight wars knowing that they will serve their selfish interests without any consequences to themselves. What have we won from all our wars in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria? Whose children will be sacrificed, like Uriah, in Iran or Venezuela by vain and immoral politicians? Who will stand up to stop the war-mongering for oil?

Benjamin Ben-Baruch


Say no to war

In his book “Winning Modern Wars,” 2003, Gen. Wesley Clark made known a strategic proposal for regime change in seven countries. The countries were: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia and Sudan. He heard of this about 10 days after 9/11.

This was part of the Project for a New American Century. PNAC was a conservative think tank that came to define U.S. international policies. Certainly the project has evolved and now includes Venezuela. But this project began long before 9/11. Read “The Devil’s Chessboard” if you want to know the pertinent history after World War II.

Some might think that regime change in the listed countries, and perhaps others, is reasonable and essential to U.S. preeminence even with the horrific casualties of war. It may seem reasonable given our fears and prejudices, but the human and environmental costs are not rational. And as one might be prone to say, all lives matter. It’s way past time to face our fears and prejudices, say no to war, and get to know our neighbors. I’ve only personally known two Iranians in my life and it ravages my heart to think of our country waging war against their families and loved ones.

Daniel Cazares


A soul-killing image

In our revulsion at the hideous immorality of our federal agents at the Mexican border who regularly patrol the desert in a search-and-destroy of life-saving food and water and who even arrested (!) a man who provided such to his fellow human beings in danger of death from thirst and heatstroke in the blazing sun of the Sonoran Desert, let’s recall one related item. It was not physically murderous, only soul-killing.

That was the TV picture of a small child, lost, crying, bewildered and frightened and possibly wondering what our brave agents had done with her parents. You gotta hand it to the departments of Justice and Homeland Security — they really know how to enforce the policy of no tolerance!

I have noticed that some federal employees wear American flag patches on their uniforms, but I would recommend that any such patches on certain agents be removed. American cruelty really shouldn’t be advertised.

Finally, if any Trumpist should ever ask me if I don’t believe in border security, I would reply this way: Yes, I believe in border security, but must it be purchased at the cost of doing evil ?

Thomas Gunn


A culture run amok

My college physics professor made this statement, “If you apply the meaning of entropy to your life, by overcoming entropy, success will be at your doorstep, and a lifetime of happiness will soon follow.”

If you don’t know the language of attributes of character, you will never be on speaking terms with happiness.

The language of attributes of character are bundled in a plethora of terms defining character. Character embraces the following: integrity, honesty, fairness, politeness, compassion, self-discipline, friendship, empathy, sympathy, generosity, peacefulness, ethics, morality, trustworthiness, gratefulness, reliability, dependability, punctuality, support, self-reliance, and numerous other terms.

Successful parents not only teach their children the definitions of these words but instills their applications regarding life’s everyday behavior. The children who have not acquired the meaning and application of these words become frustrated at the world and display forms of “revenge” in a multitude of outbursts. The first six years of a child’s life is when the foundation of attributes of character are addressed.

Social media (television and movies) needs to address the foul language, visual nudity, and violence that bombards the minds and negative behavioral traits of our children as well as adults.

Bill Walton

Central Point

Dog walking and poop

This is to further the comments from Alana Henry and Michael Kilgore in reference to dog owners’ responsibility.

Not only are they responsible for cleaning up poop after their dogs, but the owners should be reminded that letting their male dogs lift their legs and pee on homeowners’ landscape shrubs should be controlled and not allowed. They just need to go to a nursery and see the prices for plants. Dog pee kills the plants.

Oh, a natural thing for male dogs? Let them use their own yards before taking them on an exercise walk. And another thing, don’t let the dogs scratch up the lawns after they do their duties.

D. Drivon

Eagle Point

Franklin Graham

Thanks for sharing Michael Gerson’s excellent piece on Franklin Graham. We, too, pray the Book of Common Prayer for all our leaders.

Gerson’s list of what the Franklinites could be doing is in accord with Matthew 25, and contrasts Franklin’s actions with “What the Bible says...” (a favorite saying of his father Billy). All in all, Gerson makes it clear that Franklin is more of a bully than a Billy!

Jay Matheson


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