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Letters, June 13

How much cure?

Will 787,900 pounds of prevention in British sterling, which is equal 1 million U.S. dollars, equate to 1,606,400 ounces of cure (at 6 ounces per pound) for Bear Creek, the homeless and other social ills? As will be mandated for the newly financed Livability Team to be developed by the Medford Police Department that was passed by the Medford City Council sans a sole no vote by one councilor during the June 6 City Council budget proceedings. Albeit with the assistance of many 501C(3)’s and a yet-to-be-built, year-round, 100-bed homeless shelter.

I am concerned that not all persons who are to be the said recipients will benefit from this program, because 1, they will no longer to be able to live free; 2, there will be bottlenecks or no services; and 3, how long before another group of 1-800 persons will take their place?

Bob Shand


E Pluribus Unum

The bone-spur dodger proclaims to Nancy Pelosi he’s “really-really” good at infrastructure.

I don’t know about that, since there is no evidence of it, but I do know, without doubt, there’s lots of evidence that he is very good at things like, losing money, bankruptcy, dividing America, lying, adultery, licking Putin’s boots, love of Kim Jong Un, name-calling, projection, cheating on his taxes, fake bone-spurs, misogyny, fraud, mocking the disabled, cheating at golf, hypocrisy, blowing Daddy’s money, disparaging our allies, fake news, increasing the national debt so he can make the very rich and himself richer, and of course, all seven deadly sins!

It may be he’s all the things a person wants to take their children to see and emulate in their MAGA hats (Made in China) and chant with the cults. Not my kids or my grandkids, ever!

This country will not survive by normalizing and planting the seeds of hatred, bigotry, division and lying, encouraging those traits to fester in our children. For the future of America that we can all be proud of and a country that continues to thrive, we must reject those tendencies. We must embrace the American heritage: from many, one.

Steve Armantrout


Support Senate Bill 790

I write today in support of the Oregon Individual Development Account Initiative (www.oregonidainitiative.org) and legislation making its way through the Legislature (SB 790).

IDAs are a matched savings program which can help low-income Oregonians attain a tangible asset such as a home or repair a home, purchase a car, open a business or gain an advanced degree or certificate. It has been a very successful program for nearly two decades. Right now we are trying to keep the program viable, make it easier to use, and expand it so more Oregonians — specifically those in the southern part of our great state — can get help in moving out of poverty.

Obtaining an asset is one of those ways of increasing your wealth and having a more secure financial future and using an IDA is a great way to help. The Oregon IDA Initiative has been doing this well for many years and hopes to continue to do so for many to come.

The legislative session is planning on adjourning next week, so please contact your state rep and ask them to support SB 790 and include it in the Tax Expenditure Omnibus bill (HB 2164) today! Thank you Rogue Valley!

Frank Boothby

Grants Pass

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