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Letters, June 16

Tariffs are Trump taxes

I was happy to read in the June 7 MT that ACCESS is receiving some of the $1.4 billion worth of surplus food that the government is buying back from industries harmed by the Trump tariffs.

But don’t be misled. That is $1.4 billion of our tax money that would not need to be spent if the producers were simply able to sell their products. This is a Trump tax, folks.

Same for the $12 billion being given to farmers. This is another Trump tax being paid by you and me.

Don’t be fooled. China and Mexico do not pay these tariffs. We do. This president has zero understanding of economics. Voters: You learn and be smarter than he is.

Terry Stone


Cognitive dissonance and hyperbole

Cal Thomas’ May 25 column states, “Everyone knows ‘entitlements’ are the main drivers of debt ” This nonsensical statement panders to the rhetoric of those in the camp that have shot themselves in the foot and cut off their own nose to spite their face. Ask them to give up their Social Security and see what they say.

Every government worker has health insurance, paid for by the taxpayers, and no one questions that. Yet, when the concept of health insurance for all is brought up, people have been convinced that it’s some dark, far-left idea, entitling only the poor and reeking of socialism. “Entitlements” provide social safety nets, and if you study our system, they don’t go far enough to help the elderly and children. Weeding out the people taking advantage of the system is a different topic.

In our American culture, we are continually brainwashed to be selfish people who don’t wish to help others in any way. Thus, keeping us divided in different camps enables this dysfunction.

The entitlement that is the “ main driver of debt” is the United States military. Currently the record spending is close to $700 billion and going up.

K. Lambie


Enforcement, not taxes

Swell. Another tax increase on the backs of responsible property owners who do not create the situation that breeds the increase in the first place.

A classic “chickens come home to roost” example, this is a direct result of the liberal policies of the Medford City Council, along with former Police Chief Sparacino, turning a blind eye on enforcing the camping ordinances over the past few years (see Alba Park and downtown). Their head-in-the-sand approach allowed the problem to grow out of control.

It is also the result of those who continue to refuse to call these miscreants for what they are: bums. They are not “homeless” — it is a self-inflicted lifestyle. No amount of taxpayer money will fix it. No harebrained ideas to provide taxpayer money for free housing will fix it. The only thing that will fix it is aggressive enforcement.

The Greenway spans the county. What is needed is an interagency sweep twice a week (times unannounced), creating an environment that is not conducive for “camping.” This mess is not something to be placed on Medford property owners’ tax bill.

Ted Krempa


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