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Letters, June 19

Reduce plastic use

Concerning the increasing problem of plastic in our oceans here are some suggestions. Every person can do something.

Coffee — Buy beans in bulk, grind your own. Save the paper bag from the store, reuse each time.

Tea — buy in bulk at the local food co-op.

Condiments — Ketchup, mustard, pickles, etc. Buy in glass. Recycle. If enough of us demand glass, companies will listen.

Peanuts, snacks, pretzels, cookies — buy in bulk bins, save your plastic bag and reuse each time.

Laundry soap — buy in a cardboard box, not plastic. We are searching for bulk laundry soap.

Drinks — buy in cans only. Recycle, get the deposit.

Canned goods — look over your list. Does it come in a can? Yes. Recycle.

Refuse overpacking, strawberries in plastic clamshells, carrots in plastic bags, buy in bulk or local farmer’s market.

Before you buy something wrapped in plastic, ask yourself, can I get this without the plastic? Each one of us can make a difference.

Katherine Leppek


Support paid family leave

I am a Head Start teacher in Southern Oregon and fell in love with working with children and their families 12 years ago. I feel so encouraged seeing all of the great work that I get to be a part of and have the honor of working with so many dedicated people who are truly passionate about making a positive impact on our community.

Unfortunately, many of us (and those in our community) are just a paycheck or two away from losing everything and unpaid time off can be financially devastating. Because the current Oregon family leave law only protects our jobs, taking the necessary time off to heal or care for a family member could mean struggling to make ends meet, facing crippling debt, or even foreclosure.

I am excited about House Bill 2005-A because it offers financial support during family medical leave. It presents a fair solution by having a financial pool that both worker and employer pay into. I sincerely hope that legislators will support HB 2005-A so those who need it can focus on healing and returning to the work they love versus worrying about the bills.

Christy O’Neill


Mail that doesn’t belong to you

An intended Father’s Day gift was mistakenly delivered to the wrong address, Terrmont Loop instead of Terrmont Street. The Post Office tried to retrieve the package, but the person they contacted denied having it.

Both addresses use community post boxes which require a key to access mail. Just because you received something doesn’t mean it belongs to you, especially if the address on the package is not your address and the name on the package is not your name. It is legally considered theft to keep it.

You could have called the Post Office and told them, or you could have delivered it yourself, and at a minimum, if asked about it, not lied. You stole someone’s Father’s Day gift. It could have been purchased by a small child with their allowance money, you don’t know.

This is not justifiable, it’s stealing from an innocent party.

Doris Talbott

White City

It’s not about money

I don’t care how much money Pembina and the proposed Jordan Cove LNG project promises to Southern Oregon. What I do care about is the health and livability of the environment we leave to our descendants, an environment that I see deteriorating year after year.

No amount of money would compensate for damage to fish populations or our water supplies due to leaks, accidents, or earthquakes. Natural gas emits methane, a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2 at every step of its production and transportation.

It’s way past time for us to do better. Leave the fossil fuels in the ground and stop the fracking.

K. (Katy) Mallams

Central Point

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