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Letters, June 25 Mail Tribune readers

Capitalism at its worst

As a true patriot of our nation I recognize we all accept the good and the bad of both personal family members and our global family of man and woman. Or woman and man. Fair is fair.

So, making money is awesome. The American way. But will somebody tell me why the USA pharmacy family will hit you for a much-needed, life-saving heart medication to the tune of 500 bucks while Canada just sold me the same thing for $320 dollars less?

Most American physicians will not fax what you need to Canada. But, through a scanner, a voided check and photo ID emailed to Canada it took 10 minutes to get the meds on the way — 10 bucks to ship — total price, $175.

Here is how capitalism works: If Americans take their medication business to Canada, watch how fast prices come down.

Rick Boyd


Pardon the president

I believe our president (no not Hannity, the other one) should be pardoned for:

  • Telling thousands of lies in his short time in the Oval Office. I have fibbed a few times myself.
  • Cheating on his wives. Do you tell your partner everything? Doubt it.
  • Calling women pigs, slobs, low IQ. OK by me. I have said bimbo in my life.
  • Falling in love with the world’s most murderous dictators. I prefer dead ones myself.
  • Trashing the media as the “enemy of the people.” Stalin and Mao ain’t got nothin’ on our boy.
  • Throwing childish nicknames at his detractors. Crooked Hillary is a classic, eh?

According to Wikileaks, over 200 of the “best people” hired since January 2017 have either been fired, reassigned or resigned. Bigly deal!

Doesn’t everyone toss out their garbage at least once a week?

u Calling himself a “stable genius.” I can’t wait to visit the country of Whales.

But after reading Rick Reilly’s book, “Commander In Cheat,” detailing the prolific dishonesty he exhibits on the golf course, enough is enough! Lock him up! etc. etc.

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

Fire them all

In 2018, Oregon voters sent Republicans a clear message. By returning Democratic super-majorities to both chambers, Oregon voters indicated they do not judge that Republicans represent them and elected Democrats instead.

Unable to muster the votes to impose their will on the Legislature or have as much influence on policy as they would like, GOP legislators exhibit childish stunts to delay the will of the people. Earlier this year, Senate Republicans simply walked off the job. Had this been any other occupation, their refusal to turn up for work would be taken as resignation.

Then, during the House floor debate on HB2020, Republicans tried every delay tactic they could muster, to keep this much-needed cap/trade/invest climate bill from passing.

Our children and grandchildren demand that politicians act to reverse global warming by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But our state Republicans, like their DC colleagues, simply stick their heads in the sand and promote business as usual. Business as usual will render our planet devoid of the life we know and the food, fiber, drinkable water and breathable air on which we depend.

Now the pro-pollution party has staged yet another walk-out to block HB 2020. They should all be fired.

Allen Hallmark


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