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Letters, June 26

Where’s the moral leadership?

How many parents are concerned that President Trump says you don’t have to follow laws you don’t like? What kind of message does that send to our kids about following our rules, obeying the law, or showing respect for the law ?

When your child goes to court for breaking a law, just tell the judge it is OK because your child did not like that law.

Not only did the president refuse to fire Kellyanne Conway for repeatedly breaking the law, he did not say he told her to stop doing it.

Where is the moral leadership from this president?

Ronald Hendel

Rogue River

A sane course of action

New reasons to call for an impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump include ordering former White House staff not to testify to congressional committees and routinely appointing unqualified long-term “acting” appointees to cabinet positions, bypassing congressional oversight.

Worst of all, Trump is illegally and systematically cracking down on immigrants by continuing to separate migrant children from their parents, denying them basics like soap, mattresses and toothbrushes, depriving them of sleep and failing to ensure their safety. These are torture techniques. This systematic dehumanization increasingly seems “normal” as we grow weary and numb to new acts of incompetence and cruelty.

Enough. Whether Republican, Democrat or independent, please join me and ask Rep. Greg Walden (541-776-4646) to support an impeachment inquiry in the House so we can begin to restore our values, defend American rights, reclaim some sense of dignity and protect the weakest among us.

Carl Darnell


The Republican Party

Hypocrisy is a terrible thing to waste.

While constantly demanding that our government stop regulating their lives, the Republicans have absolutely no problem with their government regulating our morality. And recently the humorless stand-up evangelist Pat Robertson entertained us with his revelation that selling military weapons for huge profits might be divine intervention.

Along with that tidbit, the completely sold-out Franklin Graham performed his political fairy tale that put to rest any doubt about their arcane sectarian values. And let’s not forget how those heavenly principles came into service for the Republican-manufactured Iraq war.

Now, drum roll please, we’ll anxiously stay tuned for the possible blockbuster sequel in Iran. Their self-righteous support for the bone spur-in-chief, as he shoots holes in the USS America, is the course of action these compromised Christians believe best serves their purpose.

But if you can whistle Dixie and hum Springtime for Trump from the same sheet of music, that purpose needs to be seriously looked into and, hopefully, exorcised from the program. The United States of America has a much better song to sing.

Steve Sutfin


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