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Letters, June 28

Volunteers on the Greenway

On June 15, approximately 100 teens from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints volunteered on the Bear Creek Greenway with Jackson County Parks. The cleanup took place behind the Hilton Garden Hotel toward US Cellular Park.

Jackson County Parks is grateful for the service and dedication of the youth and their adult leaders. In two hours, they cleaned up 82 bags of trash, a pallet, bike tire, chair, and miscellaneous scrap metal. They also removed graffiti from underpass pillars. Hard work from volunteers like this makes a huge difference to the Bear Creek Greenway, the whole watershed, the environment and the community.

This event goes to show that together we can make a positive, lasting impact in our community. We encourage everyone who uses the trail and cares about the Greenway to get involved. Contact Brooke Amposta with Jackson County Parks at bcgvolunteer@jacksoncounty.org or (541) 774-6242.

Brooke Amposta

Central Point

Where is everyone?

I know many of you who showed up in the streets after the disastrous election results in 2016 are probably tired or feeling defeated. I often want to stick my own head in the sand.

What we are seeing on a daily basis is not normal: the loss of the rule of law, the imprisonment of children, the coziness with dictators, the gutting of our environmental protections, the championing of hate groups and the attacks on women‘s rights — none of these things are normal. I want our democracy back.

I need all of us to stand together, make those calls, attend those rallies, write those letters — but most of all, don’t give up!

Arlene Aron


Worth a try

The world’s “holy writs” pretty well agree, that mankind is master and guardian of nature. Mother Nature is ill with a high fever. The response, world-wide, seems to be to have “bully” leaders and hide behind walls and tariffs, with a megaphone and deadly weapons.

In our nation, the opposition is vying, en masse, for the office, with promises of infrastructure and free health care and/or education.

You would gladly vote for someone with tact and common sense; he could maybe reach out for much-needed cooperation. Is that too much to ask? It’s worth a try! if JFK were still alive, he might say, “Ask what you can do for mankind!”

Hans H. Stroo


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