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Letters, Aug. 2

Common sense

Thank you, Laz Ayala, for the compassionate, common-sense guest opinion piece of July 28.

As great-grandmother of bi-racial children I appreciate your thoughtfulness. I look forward to your book and film.

Mary Lewis


Protecting democracy

I am old, so I remember: “duck and cover.” We were supposed to hide under our desks in school when the Russians sent their atomic bomb missiles to blow us up. During the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Russians were going to place missiles on Cuba so it would take less time to get them here to blow us up. The “Domino Theory” was the name given to Russia’s increasing influence in Asia, and then there was the spread of communism to Central and South America.

There are two things in common with all these events: (1), Russia, and (2) our “leaders” in the U.S. did, or at least tried to do, something about it.

Fast forward to today. The Russians created real “fake” news about our people, they worked illegally to help one party over the other, and they attacked our voting process. This is fact, not a theory or partisan rant. What do out current “leaders” have in common with out past “leaders?” Nothing. And nothing is what they are doing to protect our country and democracy. If anyone can explain why we are doing nothing, I look forward to your explanation.

Dennis Neeley

Central Point

An invitation

Dear Governor Brown,

The citizens of Southern Oregon would like to invite you and your Council on Wildfire Response to hold their meetings here in the area starting this week and continue here until they have completed their recommendations. We have some wonderful outdoor venues that would be ideal for the discussions and of course you could enjoy our outdoors even more by camping out.

We have beautiful mountains that are almost visible and you don’t have to worry about the air because you can see what you are breathing. I would recommend however that you and the council members review your health care coverage as we are experiencing increased coughing, wheezing, reduced lung function, asthma attacks, heart attacks and strokes. Oh yes, don’t bring any of your pets along with you on your visit. It seems that it’s not very healthy for them as well.

I predict your council enjoying our area would result in a recommendation on your desk by week’s end.

Kenneth Wilson


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