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Letters, Aug. 4

This is our country

Regarding the guest opinion by Laz Ayala, “This is our country. It’s time we speak up” (Sunday, July 28):

Before my husband and I retired we had the privilege of working with Laz. Ayala on several of his construction projects, and we are very disturbed to learn of the abuse his family has had to endure. As he pointed out, this country has a history of atrocities it has not learned from nor accepted responsibility for. And since the election of Donald Trump these attacks have become more widespread and accepted as a normal part of American life.

We are very pleased that Laz Ayala opted to remain here. This country would be a much better place with more immigrants like him, and it is time for all of us to speak up. So to the Ayala family, the people of color, and all immigrants in this country I say the following: As long as my husband and I are alive, there will never be a time when there is no one left to speak for them. There will always be at least two.

Marti Hawes

Eagle Point

Trump’s projection

Psychological projection is a defense mechanism in which one attacks others by unconsciously attributing one’s own personality characteristics to them. As has been frequently noted, projection is often employed by our President when he “punches back ten times harder”. A prime example was when Trump recently assailed Democratic Representative Elijah Cummings as a “brutal bully”.

Ted Gibbs


Which side of history?

Which side of history will Congressman Walden choose to be on?

I’m extremely concerned about the illegal separation of immigrant families. As a second-generation Holocaust survivor, I cannot help but notice this parallel to the Nazi treatment of minorities.

Minorities were used as scapegoats for Hitler’s political purposes, and Trump is following suit to pander to his base.

I fled Czechoslovakia with my parents after the Russian invasion in 1968. I can personally attest to the trauma a young person experiences when uprooted in order to escape danger. I cannot imagine the horror of being separated from my parents at a time when I needed them more than ever.

Walden is trying to protect his job by not calling out Trump on his racist immigration policies. I urge him to stop blaming the last six administrations and to speak out against the criminalization and unconscionable treatment of immigrants. Walden’s constituents are calling on him to stand for a higher moral purpose!

Dasja Dolan


China and forest fires

Steven Saslow’s column, “Running the numbers on trade with China,” in Sunday’s edition laid out the numbers for everyone to see and ruminate over. Regardless of political affiliation, this independent presentation is important.

Voters can disagree over whether tariffs are the only factor that will cause a deal; currency manipulation, trade barriers, governmental attitudes towards “foreign encroachments” and more compound the complexity. The conclusion: “That (Xi’s) $420 Billion surplus will have to disappear before he is ready for a deal. Stay tuned.” We are — thanks!

As to our inferior forest management and inept governmental approaches to fire containment, many of us — regardless of party politics — want this solved. No smoke: But we need the facts. We need more information on the “comprehensive studies of reducing flame lengths” — especially if our forests can sustain from 150 to 250 trees per acre (the article on Susan Kupillas) — with currently 1,500 to 2,000 trees on average fighting for sustenance per acre. (However, the politicians find it’s impossible even to salvage scorched timber, which is future fuel.)

Determining the solutions and keeping the politicians’ feet to the fire is wanted by all of us. Politics be damned. We’ll wait for another “Stay tuned.”

Dennis Powers


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