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Letters, Aug. 6

A wedge issue

As we inch towards 2020 elections, something to consider: Abortion is a religious issue brought into politics to help decry liberal candidacy.

The abortion rate has declined: in 1980, there were 29 abortions per 1,000 women; in 2018, 12 per 1,000. Abortion is a personal issue for a woman who is pregnant. Conservatives have seized it as their issue, noting their churches say it’s immoral or sinful. However, it’s a convenient non-issue to drag the electorate right. “How can you be for Candidate X when he is pro-choice?” comes the refrain.

Rather incongruous, no? Conservatives are about letting people decide matters — for example, letting the marketplace determine economy — until they’re not. However, when they need a rule, it’s suddenly invoked.

Britain, Canada and the U.S. passed abortion laws in the 1970s. In the 1980s, laws further clarified the matter. Now states are chipping away at Roe v. Wade. Let’s recognize this as wedge politics.

Remember, conservatives pooh-poohed Donald Trump’s trysts with Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal as OK because they were prior to his presidency and because he asked for forgiveness (never heard!).

Tom Hartmann


Who will pay?

In all the conversations and articles I have heard and seen about restricting abortions, no one has discussed who is going to take care of all these babies, financially.

If a woman has to keep a baby born from rape or incest, will the father be required to provide support? How many fathers now don’t pay court-ordered support for their children? Who will pay for their schooling, their food and medical care?

Our social services programs are already underfunded and over-burdened. As a single mother, who had to work three jobs to take care of my kids, I know how hard it is. Maybe we need to tax all the abortion deniers and set up a fund to pay for the care of all these babies and abused mothers-to-be.

J. Spindler


What can I do?

Many of our national values and norms are under attack: Semi-automatic weapons of war threaten our safety every day, our elections are not secure, vulnerable migrant children are severely mistreated and separated from families, protections for clean air and water are removed, Social Security and Medicare are threatened. Nothing seems safe or normal any more.

Don’t know what to do? Do anything. Whatever you are passionate about, start doing something today. Write a letter to the editor. Donate to organizations that share your values. Call your congressional representatives. Volunteer. Run for office. Respectfully speak to your neighbors and friends and listen to their responses. Limit your TV news watching time. Breathe.

Alone, we feel isolated, defeated, depressed and powerless. Together we can inspire each other and make real change happen. Right here. Right now. That is how the United States was created. That is how we will reclaim our national dignity.

Cindy Darnell


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