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Letters, Aug. 9

The expected result

Your headline on Aug. 5, “living with shootings in America” totally misrepresents the effect of mass shootings. Rather it should state that we are suffering from the expected end result of unchecked gun ownership.

We live in a country with a culture of guns, racism, bigotry and hate fanned by the rhetoric of a racist president, his party, their fully owned media machine, the NRA and, sad to say, our own representative to Congress. Rather than propose sensible restraints to military weapons and large magazines, Trump and his party only seems to throw gas on the fire. It is time to accept that hate and racism is deep in our DNA and, like any genetic disease, needs strong medicine.

Gun ownership should not include weapons of war, multi-shot magazines, etc. A misinterpreted Second Amendment needs to be revisited. Congress needs to step up to the plate. If they are not a part of the solution, they are the problem.

Change needs to happen and happen soon. My fear is that if our recent years’ history of mass shootings has not moved the needle, nothing ever will.

Ken Gosling


We are responsible

We can’t just keep blaming the shooter and praying for the victims.

These shootings are an American tragedy. Somehow, as a society, we are responsible for the subtle belief that violence is a solution to problems.

We are the largest arms dealer in the world. We allow citizens to own military grade assault weapons. We celebrate violence in some of our sports. Children, before reaching maturity, spend hundreds of hours enthralled by violent video games and movies. Men and women assault each other and their children.

We are a violent society and yet when a shooting happens, we are surprised and outraged. Really? Perhaps it’s time to take a look at how we, as individuals, live in this society and how we raise our children.

And guns do kill people. If these maniacs had only been armed with a knife far fewer would have died.

W. Carlson


Ban high-capacity magazines

More senseless killings this past week — 35 dead in three separate mass shootings.

The term “shootings” is the operative word here because to be a victim, there must be a shooter. Further, for there to be a shooting, there must be a gun. For there to be a mass shooting, it is highly likely there is a high-capacity weapon involved.

Not too surprisingly, gun enthusiasts will vociferously disagree, but the irrefutable fact remains that these heinous acts are carried out by a legally available weapon — one that utilizes a high-capacity magazine, hence the term “mass shooting.” It is a weapon of war, not designed for sport hunting.

This really isn’t that complicated, so here’s my simple solution. Make high-capacity magazines illegal. Visit www.gunviolencearchive.com, a not-for-profit corporation that provides free online public access to accurate information about gun-related violence in the United States. You will be shocked at all of the gun violence occurring every single day in this country.

We are all tired of talk — it is time to act.

Alexander S. Pawlowski


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