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Letters, Aug. 10

A missed opportunity

Big polluters should pay for the harm they inflict on Oregon!

HB 2020 contained pollution limits to ensure overall reduction and protect public health. It invested in rural and coastal Oregon to bridge the transition from fossil fuels to a renewable energy economy; it included rebates for fuel users who suffer a price rise due to bill requirements. By capping emissions and annually reducing that cap the proposal ensured reduction in statewide climate pollution. The bill protected public health, the environment, and preserved the future for our kids and grandkids.

HB 2020 invested in agriculture and forestry projects sequestering carbon and improving forest health; it also created rural jobs in agriculture, forestry and renewable energy.

Meanwhile, Republicans just walked out on our future.

Calculate your carbon footprint, get a home energy audit, purchase in bulk, eat foods in season and low on the food chain, wash clothes in cold water, use a laptop not a desktop, support environmentally responsible companies, change light bulbs to LEDs, reduce hot water temperature and 24/7 heating, install low-flow faucets, review transportation emissions, schedule regular car maintenance, avoid flying, purchase carbon offsets.

Make your voice heard! Engage! Vote for reducing pollution; vote for your grandkids!

Louise D. Shawkat


Kudos to New Life Church

A well-deserved shout out to the New Life Church of the Nazarene in Medford. The congregation generously committed funds to help eradicate medical debt for low-income Oregonians.

New Life Church raised $30,000 and donated the funds to RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit charity that buys medical debt on behalf of qualifying recipients. RIP Medical Debt matches every $1 donation with $100. Consequently, the two partnering together translated into $3 million applied toward erasing medical debt.

For the Southern Oregon counties of Jackson, Josephine, Douglas and Klamath, 318 individuals with a total medical debt of $639,505 were paid. Some individual Oregon debt of an undisclosed amount was entirely paid.

My wife and I have attended services at New Life Church. I recall a service when Pastor Dale Schaeffer asked the congregation for volunteers to meet on a few Saturdays, bringing garden and hand tools, to go about the community and offer to do yard work and make minor repairs. I was very impressed by this message of faith in action and service to community.

I applaud the New Life Church for demonstrating faith in action in service and generosity to the community. May other congregations follow this example.

Everett Stone


See what’s happening

Standing on the Rogue Valley floor, a person can’t tell if a mountain has been logged or not and yes, a person can see a patch of clearcut logging on the side of these mountains. Most people can see a logging show from a vehicle when driving.

Can’t see the mountains because of smoke vs. logging you can’t see from valley vs. clearcut logging you can see. What’s wrong with you people? Do you need a doctor’s eye examination to see what’s happening to our mountains and air?

Tom Rolie



On Sunday, Aug. 4, at the end of a long walk up East McAndrews Roard, I became overheated and slightly disoriented. As I tried to cross the road I tripped and fell to the highway.

I want to thank the passersby who helped me to the sidewalk and called for help. The Medford police and EMTs arrived shortly, made sure I was safe and I was allowed to return home in about 30 minutes.

Thanks to all involved.

Robert McIntyre


Rats everywhere

If Trump can say that Rep. Elijah Cummings is responsible for the infestation of rats in Baltimore, then I can say that Trump is responsible for the infestation of mass killer rats in the USA.

This is about safety. Do you feel safe? Trump promised us safety. He is looking in the wrong direction for the threats to our lives.

George Fribance


Gun rights not absolute

Among U S citizens there is an “understanding gap” between the words/concept of fundamental rights and absolute rights.

Our Bill of Rights are fundamental rights, not absolute rights.

The First Amendment addresses, in part, freedom of speech. However, yelling fire in a crowded movie theater will get you arrested.

The interpretation of the Second Amendment has been and continues to be debated.

Given the carnage of mass murders, it would seem plausible that the right to keep and bear arms should be understood as a fundamental right, not an absolute right. There exist federal and state laws regarding the ownership and registration of certain types of firearms. There are thousands of machine guns in the USA, all registered. There have been zero machine guns used in mass murders in the USA. Perhaps a mandate to duplicate the same registration process for ownership of military assault style guns should become federal and state law?

When is the last time a mass murderer used a single-shot .22?

Dan Ginther


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