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Letters, Aug. 15

Traffic lights needed

My understanding was that when the powers that be finally approved the new Costco location, Costco would foot the bill to alleviate the traffic problems.

The setup at Hamrick and Pine (Biddle) is extremely dangerous. We need dedicated left turn lights on Hamrick, both facing south and north. How many people have to be injured or die there before something is done?

Sharon Deemar

Central Point

Republican corruption

Among Americans, we have the most corrupt and racist sexual predator in the White House. Yet Republicans seem to back him whatever he does, remaining silent whatever horrendous comments he makes.

Even as this president repeatedly behaves as an agent of a foreign government, Republicans show no spine while rejecting their oath of office to protect the Constitution and, instead, sitting on their hands or actively applauding his despicable behavior.

Meanwhile, in Oregon, HB 2020, establishing an Oregon Climate Action Program, was amended repeatedly to accommodate diverse concerns and political perspectives while Republicans tried desperately to water it down as much as they could. It would have allowed Oregon to start down the road of reducing climate pollution to protect young and old alike as well as future generations. When it came down to voting, in a fit of brazen cowardice, all the Senate Republicans simply walked out of the Legislature, denying a quorum.

Elections should have consequences: Republicans hold a super minority of seats in the chambers of the Oregon Legislature because that is what Oregon voters wanted. Theirs is minority opinion, and should receive little consideration.

Republicans throughout the land endorse racism while seeming drunk with corruption.

Bruce Bauer


Stirring the pot

On a recent trip north, we encountered what appeared to be a Trump supporter in the breakfast room of our hotel. The morning news was on, carrying the president’s “teleprompter” response to the El Paso and Dayton shootings.

The woman at the table next to us turned and chortled, “He sure is stirring the pot, isn’t he?” We looked at her blankly and went on eating. We’ve accepted that we’re no match for those buying into the ideologies spewed by Fox, Russian-influenced affiliates on social media, and Ol’ Dead-Eyes, presidential adviser Stephen Miller.

“It looks like he’s lost a little weight, too,” the woman added, somewhat proudly.

A number of sharp responses sprang to mind, from “Adderall does that,” to “Good grief, lady, don’t you know a crime family when you see one?” And my personal favorite, “You know what floats to the top when you stir a swamp, right?”

But I kept quiet, we half-smiled politely, and she eventually left. Some things just aren’t worth it. Not in a hotel breakfast room.

L.J. Zinkand


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