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Letters, Aug. 22

Joe Biden

We have a man running for president who lies and flip flops about his record while he was a senator and vice president. He cannot keep his statements coherent. His family has deep financial ties to the Ukraine and communist China that were made while he was in office.

This is a person with diminished mental capabilities. The deep state of career bureaucrats and foreign adversaries are salivating over the possibility of a Biden presidency. If Biden is elected president, we will have a front-row seat to the collapse of America as we know it.

Ray Novosad

Eagle Point

What we did and didn’t see

Several of us caravaned 2,500 miles in our street rods to West Yellowstone, Montana, for a car show and beyond. We traveled many back roads through Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Washington, then home on Interstate 84 and Interstate 5 south.

We saw gorgeous, breathtaking scenic landscapes visiting Yellowstone and Glacier national parks. We saw Old Faithful, mud pots, boiling pots, lots of animals, miles of wheat and hay fields. We saw mountains, astounding rock formations, wildflowers, rivers, streams, waterfalls, sunrises, sunsets and all in astonishing hues of greens, reds, yellows, orange and browns. Wow! In northern Montana, right of Flathead Lake, we passed miles of cherry orchards and roadside stands.

We met the nicest hard-working college kids from all over the world working the national parks and the nicest people from the U.S. and abroad. Because of our cars, we talked to hundreds of people. Rural America is great!

What we did not see was one speck of white plastic-covered field, white greenhouse tents, nor overly high fences placed smack in the middle of a field. It is sad what our state’s beautiful landscape has become. Sigh.

D. Dauenhauer


Headline writing

The Mail Tribune has some of the greatest and creative headline writers in the business. The one about “Hunters must go Pee Free” was sure an eye catcher and summarized the article quite well.

But it was the one about the closing of the Sam Jennings Company and the future tear down of their historic building that topped all of your other great headlines.

Medford’s “Alamo” Surrenders.

Larry B. Smith


East McAndrews and Springbrook

Thank you Mayor Wheeler & city Council for destroying our neighborhood, once again big money means more then over 1000 families asking you to reconsider the business you allowed into our neighborhood.

Bob and Mary Horton


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