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Letters, Sept. 3

Britt responds to Holly suggestion

It has been suggested that the Britt Festival Orchestra could use the Holly Theater when wildfire smoke requires orchestra performances to move indoors. Great sounding idea, but there are issues to consider for such a move.

First, it is unlikely that the Holly Theater would be willing to block out their schedule for three weeks during the summer, as is the current arrangement with the North Medford High School auditorium. Second, it would be unreasonable to expect the Holly to offer their space free. Lastly and most important is the stage size. The Holly stage is much too small to accommodate the Britt Festival Orchestra.

Donna Briggs, president and CEO

Britt Music and Arts Festival

Antifa far from courageous

Sunday’s letter from Steve Armantrout, while thought-provoking, sadly showed a lack of research. Further, embracing Antifa as a “courageous” organization ... demonized as terrorists”?

Simply wrong!

Antifa evolved from the German Communist Party in the late 1920s (Antifaschistische Aktion, 1926-1933; expelled by Hitler that year). The Antifa Headquarters in Berlin, a union hall still standing, is currently headquarters of the “Party of Democratic Socialism” which merged with the “Social Justice Electoral Alternative” circa 2005. (See Wikipedia.org.Antifa_(Germany).

Essentially, ANTIFA is a global communist movement using fascist tactics ... (breaking up meetings or rallies, destroying property, clubbing people, etc.). The goal is to create chaos, ostensibly followed by socialist totalitarianism. The Antifa website (itsgoingdown.org/) admits members are either Marxists, Maoists or anarchists. They certainly are not “courageous freedom fighters!”

It is important to remember communism and fascism are not political opposites, but first cousins on the socialist left (“Soviet Socialist Republics’” “NAZI” is a constriction from the German for National Socialist Workers Party). In any event, Antifa is simply bad news.

Mike LaNier


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