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Letters, Sept. 5


American culture, in particular, is steeped in gun lore, simplistic media-based mythologies of good vs. bad, where both sides are typically armed to the teeth.

Pick a favorite war movie. American Revolutionary, 1812, Mexican-American, Indian, Civil, Spanish-American, First World, Second World, Korean, Vietnam, Iraq, etc., are standouts; most are cliché epics of manly courage and aggression rather than deep political studies. Cop-vs.-crime stories in TV and film are legion in the modern era.

Movies like Avatar are fundamentally cowboy-and-Indian tales, the “right stuff” of pioneer adventure. Buck Rogers, Captain Kirk, Han Solo, and Jean Luc Picard carry the good-vs.-evil themes into space with deadly laser beams in place of bullets. Inordinate courage and facility with weapons always constitute the principal skill set of escalating conflict.

Guns of some description are co-stars amidst all this faux carnage, so no wonder they are seen by both deranged and “law abiding” mass killers as problem solvers, even when the problems reside primarily in fantasy and romantic notions of justice and retribution. Within this mindset, scant consideration is given the growing list of victims, which could as easily be NRA conventioneers as school kids.

Gary R. Collins


Pray for our nation

How serious was it three weeks ago when the stock market lost over 700 points in one day and the next week over 800 points and a week ago Friday over 600 points? Each point stands for massive amounts of money.

What causes the above problem? The problem with China? But it goes much deeper than that.

Consider the following: We have a great divide in our nation that brings out much hatred and disgust. Violence is running wild and people blame guns and our president for the result. Destruction by floods, fire, hurricanes and tornadoes are are also destroying massive amounts of homes, buildings, farms crops and farm lands. Our people are stressed to a breaking point where many are taking their lives and using drugs just to cope. How sad is that!

I say all this to to say that people who have vast amounts of money invested in the market have to weigh all these concerns. Pray for our nation.

Gordon DeVos


Photo was poor choice

The Mail Tribune ran a front page article Monday on infant death with a list of “do’s and don’ts”. And then showed a sleeping baby on its back ( do), with a blanket (don’t), a crib bumper (don’t), and a soft addition on top of the mattress (don’t). Did you read your own article? Hopefully you will run a retraction for parents you might have confused.

Judy Kerr, retired Jackson Count Health Department RN


Cartoon doesn’t resonate

That cartoon of a person demonstrating for electric vehicle tax credit while charging his car from a coal-fired plant just doesn’t resonate at our house.

Our cartoon would have my little Spark being charged from our bank of solar panels. Much better image, yes? We think so.

Rick Ukena


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