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Letters, Sept. 6

Trump is not a racist

Bill Hartley (Letters, Sept. 2) is correct that Trump is not a racist: Trump is a hater of universal appetites.

There are 7 billion people in the world plus one, Himself, the great I Am That I Am. Life is a one-character play with bit players briefly allowed on stage for the sole purpose of extolling his greatness.

People who don’t follow the script — i.e., anyone with a modicum of empathy and the moral standards necessary to be allowed around children, animals and consenting adults — are zombies to Trump. And, unlike most decent people, he loves nothing better than to trash talk the dead. Race, ethnicity, gender, religion mean nothing to him.

In one’s life did you recognize and support Trump in being just the greatest thing since the Big Bang (which could have gone so much better if Trump had been in charge)? If not, then you are bad, nasty, a rapist, a murderer, a criminal, and worst of all, such a loser. To the extent that he is even aware of us, Trump’s default position is to think the worst of someone, unless there is a huge gain in it for him personally to consider otherwise.

John Gaffey


Obscured pandemic

We often hear the authoritative declaration that vaccines do not cause autism. This detracts from the much greater question: What are the causes of the very high and increasing rate of chronic diseases in our children? What causes ADHD, asthma, various allergies, immune system and behavior disorders, or especially, autism?

Does anyone care, as long as vaccines are ruled out?

Ira Edwards


Shame on wood thieves

On Aug. 20, we had Rogue Valley Tree cut down a beetle-infested cedar that was near the street at the Eagle Point Senior Center. They graciously cut it into pieces so that we could have it split, and would be able to use those pieces in our wood-burning stove.

We were looking for some help with this task, but, someone decided they needed our wood more than we did and have taken half of what we had.

Stealing from the Senior Center? Really? Shame on you!

Suzi Collins, president

Eagle Point Senior Center

What if?

Seeing the unbelievable, horrific, widespread destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, I wondered how I could make some difference and make the people there aware that Americans do care about them.

What if everyone who has visited the Bahamas and appreciated its beauty and the hospitality of its people made a donation to a reliable charity to support the relief efforts there?

Nancy Zitzner


DHS report

A DHS report says children separated from their parents at the border are mentally traumatized. Wonder what #&$#€ genius it took to figure that one out.

Mary Lewis


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