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Letters, Sept. 9

Committed to children

Many families in our communities face the challenges of poverty, food insecurity, housing instability, unemployment, criminal activity and addiction. Children in these families live in unsafe conditions, have difficulties with learning, experience medical issues and unstable family relationships.

It is the responsibility of the child welfare caseworkers to intervene in these situations, assess the strengths of the family and enact a safety plan for the children — a monumental task given often overwhelming issues that need resolution.

Sept. 9-12 is Child Welfare Caseworker Appreciation Week. The dedication of our child welfare caseworkers to the safety of children, finding permanent homes when needed, and providing the resources necessary to the well-being of these children is admirable. Their job is not easy nor always rewarding given the intractable problems faced by these families. Working long hours with families facing dire issues, they remain committed to the children of our community.

As a member of the Jackson County Citizen Review Board, I extend my appreciation for the ongoing efforts of our child welfare caseworkers and urge all to do so. A difficult job, well done.

Joan Rycraft


End the kakistocracy

I was once a Republican, and am now a registered Democrat.

The Trump administration has been separating small and vulnerable children from their parents at our southern border, and is now expelling foreign nationals who receive life-saving medical treatments for rare diseases at U.S. research hospitals. Those brave, sick people from around the world have come here to serve as test subjects for rare diseases. Those hospitals would never be able to conduct their research without those foreign nationals. That is because those diseases are hard to treat and patients with those diseases are hard to find.

This is a new low for the Trump administration. The valuable research that those hospitals do will stop if those patients are expelled by Trump’s draconian and immoral foreign policies. Those patients would in many cases die because the treatment they receive does not exist in their own country.

According to Webster’s dictionary a kakistocracy is a government run by the most immoral and incompetent of people, a government where the worst persons are in power.

Donald Trump has got to go. Let’s vote him out. Lets end the kakistocracy in November 2020, on Election Day.

Donna Breedlove


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