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Letters, Sept. 10

Manage late-season fire

As we go into September with daytime temperatures dipping into the 70s and rain on the way, some of the newest lightning strikes are well located for strategic fire management and low-cost fuel reduction. One example is the Gopher fire south of Crater Lake.

Unfortunately, our political discourse won’t allow it. Zero tolerance of smoke demands attacking every ignition, no matter the per-acre financial cost, safety risk to workers or opportunity cost of forgone risk mitigation.

Fire suppression delays the inevitable. Managing just a few ignitions in the short window before autumn rain can produce real progress digging out of our fire problem.

Jay Lininger


Liberals’ rhetoric is hateful

With my red MAGA cap on my head, it’s past time to decry the hateful rhetoric calling every statement or action by President Trump, Republicans and conservatives that the radical left and progressives don’t agree with by the dirty word of racist.

Yes, name-calling is a socialist trick to demonize the opposition, but liberals should be called out for implicitly condoning such vile words and actions when used against the 63 million people who voted for President Trump. He has never been politically correct, but we all knew that from the beginning. According to a writer in the Wall Street Journal, “Eighty percent of Americans — including three-quarters of blacks and more than 80% of Asian-Americans, Hispanics and American Indians — disapprove of political correctness.”

To balance the record in the name of fair play — the American way — our president is keeping his promises. His tax reform and deregulation have allowed our strong economy to be the envy of the world; the wall is being built and illegal immigration, sex, human and drug trafficking are being managed; Americans are feeling good about themselves again but I still pray daily for the Holy Spirit to give peace to those with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Ramona Templin


Refusing responsiblity

Rep. Kim Wallan (Aug. 25) illustrates perfectly how Republicans refuse to accept responsibility for actions. Like Republicans throughout Oregon’s Legislature, Wallan denies responsibility for the global warming we are causing and rejects Oregon’s contribution to the problem.

Like so many uninformed Oregonians, Wallan blames our fires on reduced logging, but then points out that the density of trees in stands is way above historical numbers. Of course, the high density is small-diameter saplings that are not commercially valuable. Years of fire suppression probably increased this density. Logging is more the problem than the solution since logging activities produce more statewide emissions even than transportation. Logging takes out the larger trees and leaves small trees and slash piles as fuel promoting wildfires.

Oregon’s emissions may be small, but compared to the Oregon budget, so are my taxes. Does that absolve me of responsibility to pay tax? Of course not! But this is Wallan’s insane argument on global warming. The reality is that if we are to solve this global problem and protect our forests, all states and nations must reduce emissions.

Rather than accepting industry and Republican lies and misinformation, Wallan would be better advised to consult science before offering solutions.

Alan Journet, co-facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN)


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