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Medford letters, Sept. 15: Reagan's example could aid others

Reagan's example could aid others

In 1985, Ronald Reagan was diagnosed with cancer. Rather than receiving treatment with chemotherapy — radiation or surgery with an American institution — he and Nancy flew to Germany to be treated by the famed oncologist Hans Nieper. (The records are not clear; the Reagan Library doesn’t have a record that he had cancer.)

He may have been treated with some (order) of these procedures: Thermo-therapy, alkaline therapy, Linus Pauling IV vitamin C therapy, Otto Warburg’s oxygen therapy. Whatever therapy, it was quick, cheap and effective.

Then what? Essentially nothing. What he should have done was to phase out “burn, poison and cut” and make the Nieper approach the American way. He’d have rescued Medicare from financial ruin and saved millions of lives. He’d have become the poster boy of conservatism: cheaper and better. He’d have saved this writer long hours of unnecessary grief and misery.

Can President Trump complete the work of Ronald Reagan and give America the cancer cures it deserves? It is never too late to do the right thing.

Lou Goldman


Delusions in high places

Trump’s dementia appears to be getting worse. And Trump’s severe and disabling personality disorder Is never going to change.

Is it too much to ask that the occupant of the White House be given a thorough and comprehensive mental evaluation by a team of competent and unbiased professionals, none of whom is a familiar White House figure, and none of whom stand to be rewarded for giving Trump a favorable report by being offered a cabinet-level position, as happened in 2018 with Dr. Ronny L. Jackson?

Herbert Childs


Enthusiasm curbed

Froma Harrop isn’t wrong when she writes “Curb your enthusiasm, Biden’s the one.”

Should the Dems nominate the ex-senator from Wall Street, Biden, it certainly will curb any enthusiasm I would have had for voting “D.”

(Want to know why Trump’s business failure debt is dischargeable in bankruptcy, but your student loan debt isn’t? Ask Joe!)

Steve Soar


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