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Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22

Deep dive

What a thrill it was to read of the consideration being given to an Aquatics Center in Southern Oregon. My family and I could not be more excited. I encourage everyone with any interest in water recreation to support Medford City leaders in this endeavor. Everyone should know how to swim. Everyone will benefit from the increased visits to our valley as a result of the facility described. Could Medford include Jackson County in this attempt? Will there be opportunities to support a fund raising effort? The Wallace/Fryer families are ready to dive in! Put us in the deep end.

Joel Wallace

Jackson County

No Cadillac health care

In a letter to the editor published on 9/17, L.J. Zinkand ended by mentioning congressional term limits and asking for folks to “work to end their lifetime salaries and Cadillac health care once they leave office.” I am pleased to inform your readers, and the author, that members of Congress get neither “lifetime salaries” nor “Cadillac health care” on leaving office.

Members and their staffs, like all federal employees, are vested in the Federal Employee Retirement System (FERS) after serving for a minimum of five years, but generally cannot collect benefits until they reach the age of 55. The rules for continuing any Federal Employee Health Benefits (FEHB) health insurance they may have purchased into retirement include working for the federal government for at least 10 years and being at least 55 years old. All the mind-numbing details for both of these programs can be found at www.opm.gov. I’ll leave the congressional term limits discussion for another day.

John F. Howard


Don’t teach outrage

Fun in the sun by the band shell in the park. There must be 300 people, sitting, standing and moving about. It’s the Climate Action Summit. Everyone’s smiling and having a good time. And now a woman takes the stage and stands behind the mic.

She welcomes the crowd in a voice of condolence, and then immediately tells us all we must be outraged. And we must teach our children this outrage.

I only want to say that we would do better to teach our children to be slow to anger, and thoughtful, and to listen to the other side.

And to show them the wonders and joy of the ever replenishing earth, rather than have them cower in fear of their imminent, premature demise.

Randy Dolinger


Act of war? Whose war?

A group of Saudi nationals, funded by other Saudi nationals, planned and trained, then attacked America by flying commercial passenger planes into buildings killing over 3,000 people.

An “act of war”? We were attacked. We know where it came from. And what did we do: invade Afghanistan. No satisfaction there. We invade Iraq. How’d that work out for us? Seems we’re still looking for some place to punch back.

So now our “allies” in Saudi Arabia are attacked by their neighbors from either Iran or Yemen using Iranian weapons. Our administration’s immediate response is to gin up the “let’s go to war” music. But whose war?

The Iranians have been a thorn in this administration’s side from Day 1. Why not beef up our Saudi buddies’ weaponry and let them go kick some Iranian butt? They’ll avenge the refinery attack.

It’ll be our favorite scenario, Muslims killing Muslims. And if the Saudis get their butt kicked, it’ll be payback for 9/11.

Mike Harmes

Central Point

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