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Letters, Sept. 24

When American was great

Maybe I can help J. Lowe understand when America was great. America was great when we didn’t have a political party that wants to turn us into a socialist country; when liberal controlled cities weren’t overrun with homeless people; when big corporations weren’t consumed with greed and treated their employees fairly; when people didn’t suffer from “Trump Derangement Syndrome” because they lost an election; when everyone accepted they were either male or female; when political parties worked together and got things done; when we didn’t have mentally ill people wandering the streets and killing people; when we had an unbiased media who we could trust what they said; when people didn’t relish in trying to shame, blast, slam, intimidate, and bully people who they didn’t agree with; and finally, when we had respect for the law, for each other, for compromise, and respect for different points of view. Hope that helps with J.’s confusion.

R. Lewis

Eagle Point

Round up utility bills

Ashland residents concerned about wildfires applaud the Ashland Forest Resiliency Project. In reading that some of the project’s funding — $175,000 of it — is coming from a surcharge on Ashland utility bills (“Rain provides welcome boost,” Mail Tribune, Saturday, Sept. 21), I am reminded that the monthly utility bill for residents features $99.25 in surcharges before a single light switch is flipped or a single tap is turned on.

While this regressive tax is threatening the lives of many in our community, if you live in Ashland, you can help those in need. The city offers customers the opportunity to “round up” their utility payments to the next full dollar to help households having difficulty paying for utilities. This means that if your bill is $197.50, with your permission, the city will round up your bill to the next dollar, in this case, $198. On average this “rounding up” costs a residential customer about $6 a year. Won’t you help? Simply contact the utilities department in Ashland or check the box on your payment envelope to indicate you wish to participate to help those in need.

Vicky Weiss


Standing with Greta

My husband and I attended the recent Ashland rally in support of action on climate change. I was so impressed with the young speakers who voiced their alarm about our environment. They were thoughtful and encouraged all of us to speak out against our current administration and its harmful policies.

While some of us adults are well aware of the crisis, there are many who don’t seem to care about the future for themselves or their children. Many of us “white haired” folks have been doing all we can to fight for change, but until our government starts listening to the scientific community, we will continue to go down the wrong path. So let your U.S. senators and representatives know how you feel and remember that your vote is your ultimate voice. We stand with Greta!

Arlene Aron


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