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Letters, Sept. 26

What could be worse?

What could be worse than having a corrupt, admitted sexual assaulter, serial bankrupt, business fraud, adulterer and constant liar as president? Nothing: save only to leave so unnatural a monster unchecked.

He has systematically weakened our highly successful Western alliance.

He has gratuitously threatened our neighbors, mocked the disabled, insulted the parents of a soldier who died in combat.

He has promoted the kidnapping and torment of refugee children, wrenching even nursing babes from their mothers’ breasts.

He actively promotes racism at home and abroad.

He has disgracefully cowered like a whipped puppy before a murdering Vladimir Putin.

He entertained Russia’s top spy at the White House, mocks our own intelligence, and recklessly releases secrets.

He praises dictators while tacitly approving assassination of journalists.

He has mocked our Constitution, enriching himself even as he has added a trillion dollars to our nation’s debt in just two years.

He fuels global climate disaster, harassing companies building cleaner vehicles and tilting against market forces replacing coal with natural gas.

He daily astonishes with ignorant, ill-willed, self-absorbed messages, neglecting pressing executive duties.

For these and other abuses against the people and our Constitution, the traitor Donald J. Trump deserves impeachment and prison.

Alberto Enriquez


New Mended Little Hearts chapter

Thanks for the wonderful article about the Mended Hearts Regional Conference that happens on Saturday, Sept. 28.

Mended Hearts has been serving all heart disease patients and caregivers in the Rogue Valley for almost 37 years. We’d like to add a Mended Little Hearts chapter here to serve the families of children with a congenital heart defect. We hope those families will join us on Saturday morning to hear about the program. Nicole Sanchez, Western Regional Director for Mended Little Hearts, will speak about the program in the morning session.

As I said, we provide education and peer-to-peer support for all heart patients and caregivers, not just heart surgery patients.

We look forward to seeing everyone who is interested to be at the Smullin Center at 9 am to hear about what’s new in heart disease care and Mended Little Hearts.

Chris Kloek, past president


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